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EB5 Investor

Investment of $500,000.00 secures you and your family a Green Card. Money returned back after 5 years.

The EB5 route allows you to acquire permanent residency ( Green Card ) status in the United States for you and your immediate family

Required investment of $500,000.00 is needed and returned after 5 years with interest linked to bond rates (roughly 0.5%)

You will be investing in the Florida Growth Equity Fund Regional Centre – Mainly in the Assisted Care Living space meaning your money will be used to develop old age facilities and create 10 US jobs in the process. We selected this specific Regional Centre because they deal mainly in this space which is heavily subsidized by the US government meaning there is added security to your investment

Green Card status allows you to work, study and conduct business anywhere in the US

Applicant must live in the US for 181 days of the year

Financing for the development and purchase of ALFs can be derived from several different sources including, but not limited to: Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Section 232; tax-exempt bonds; conventional banking; REITs specializing in health care; SBA loans; and Fannie Mae loans. Stock prices have reflected Wall Street’s edginess with the senior living industry; and health care REITs have also become skeptical. The HUD 232 program and tax-exempt bonds are both non-recourse lending sources. The majority of other available sources are recourse loans.”

Funds Return Security Timeline


  1. What is the minimum investment required for a green card?

    The minimum investment amount for the EB-5 program is USD$500,000. That is a government mandated amount and has remained the same since the program was formed in 1990. There is a USD$1,000,000 investment level in the EB-5 program as well, but that is for projects in a certain geographic region and is meant to obviously discourage investment in those areas. For every EB-5 project, there is also an administrative fee to finance the 3rd party finance attorneys, compliance agencies, retain your personal immigration attorney, and cover EB-5 related expenditures that are related to the program. In our project, that administrative fee is USD$60,000. Therefore, you are looking at a total investment of USD$560,000 plus USCIS filing fees which are currently USD$3,675 per family for the initial filing to request a green card. You can view the detailed information about the EB-5 visa directly from the USCIS government website below:

  2. Will I be guaranteed my investment back after 5 years?

    No, the EB-5 program does not allow ANY project to guarantee its return to the investors. Therefore, you have to judge/evaluate every project based on the security of your investment and the track record of the regional center and developer you would be working with. For our project, we boast an exit strategy (the detailed plan to return your capital to you) that is backed by FOUR different multi-billion dollar government sponsored entities. These entities include the Department of Housing and Urban Development (“HUD”), Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the Federal Housing Administration (“FHA”). These organizations essentially subsidize specific projects that they deem to be of significant social need to the general public. Our current project, the North Carolina Senior Living Project, qualifies under this designation as an Assisted Living Facility (“ALF”). This means that once the project is built and operational, the project automatically qualifies for refinancing with any one of the four agencies listed above, and they are therefore statutorily required to give us brand new capital at up to 85% of the project’s value, not the cost that we’ve committed to the project. This is a long way of saying that we have a quasi-guarantee from these government agencies to the project, which are then able to pass on to you. If you would like to read more about this program, please do so on the HUD link below:

  3. What will happen to my green card after the 5 years?

    At the five year mark, you should already have your permanent green card, which means exactly what it says. As long as you don’t commit a felony allowing the US government to rescind your green card, it will stay with you permanently. Instead of explaining what would happen at each stage, I’m just going to include a simple summary of your timeline here (please let me know if the image does not load):


  4. Will my children have free education and will we have medical cover like all other us citizens?

    Yes. From the moment you receive your green cards, you will have every right and responsibility of a US citizen, except for voting rights. This means your kids will be able to go to any public school they want and any private school they qualify for (academically) and that you are willing to pay for. You will be eligible for all health insurance options as well. This also means that you and your children have access to school scholarships, government loan subsidies, etc.

  5. Can I work and stay as I like in US with green card?

    Yes, as mentioned above, you have every right and opportunity that a US citizen has. This is unique from other visa options that only apply to the petitioner and prohibit a spouse from working or require children to obtain their own visas when they reach the age of 21. The EB-5 program grants green cards to the main applicant, spouse and dependents under 21 on the petition allowing everyone to pursue their dreams anywhere in the United States.

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