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Patrick Gaffney | Registered USA Immigration Attorney

United States Immigration Law Firm

The Atassi Gaffney Law Group, P.L.L.C.  is a registered full-service immigration law firm based in Washington DC. Our lawyers have been practicing law for over a combined 45 years.

Mr. Patrick Gaffney, the firm’s founding and managing partner has 27 years of experience practicing law and is dedicated to lawful immigration to the United States.

We are an immigration law firm, and not an immigration consulting firm. We are attorneys, not consultants. This fact provides a wide range of benefits that are otherwise not available at immigration consulting firms.

Our attorneys are registered members of the Immigration Lawyers Association of America.

Mr. Gaffney has first-hand experience in helping clients immigrate, become citizens and acquire permanent and temporary visas. Patrick is passionate about immigration law and has made it his life’s work.

Patrick has 27 years of experience in helping clients obtain a wide variety of visas to enter the United States. His primary area of expertise is in helping his clients become permanent residents of the United States through a wide variety of work visas.

Patrick is often asked to take on very complex cases involving novel and difficult immigration issues. He is highly adept at navigating the immigration laws of the United States so as to obtain the best possible results for his clients.

Mr. Gaffney has both lived and traveled extensively throughout South Africa. His staff is fluent in both English and Afrikaans. He is acutely aware of current issues involving safety and economic security. With those two issues in mind, he has developed several strategies uniquely suited South African citizens to acquire permanent residency in the United States.