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Meet The Team

    • Shelley-Anne Faul

      Chief Operating Officer | Executive Talent Sourcing Manager

      Shelley relocated from Pretoria and has extensive experience with Australian Immigration gained from working for the Australian High Commission as a Senior Immigration Officer for just over 6 years. She has also worked for the New Zealand High Commission from 2011 – 2012. Her passion is to help families get to Australia and better their lives. When not sending clients to Australia, Shelley spends her time with her two daughters enjoying Cape Town

    • Matthew Kellendonk

      General Manager

      I am a dynamic individual that is driven by my passion to assist others. Immigration can be daunting & my role is to make sure that you are receiving the correct assistance from the largest immigration agency on the African continent.

    • Ellie Williams

      Manager - Case Management Division

      Ellie comes with over 10 years experience in the South African Immigration sector. Ellie specialises in work, business and corporate permit applications.

    • Joanna Chen

      Registered MARA Agent for New World Immigration | Registration Number: 1801905

      I have lived in Australia and UK for more than 15 years and have a profound understanding of the political, cultural, humanistic, legal systems and modes of thinking of Western society. I have a unique experience of emigrating from China to UK, and emigrating from the UK to Australia which has enabled me to understand the situation and needs of immigrants and to be more considerate.

    • Faiza Hassan

      Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant | ICCRC Member ID R513885

      Bearing the title “Canadian” for nearly 30 years, Faiza has a profound love for a common national identity and pride, along with providing opportunities of immigrating to Canada. She is a Commissioner for Oaths for the province of Manitoba. She has been working in the immigration field since 2002, is fluent in Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi and obtained successful settlements for many immigration cases. As well as being an immigration consultant, Faiza loves spending time with her family.

    • Jonathan Pretorius

      Casework Manager - Australia

      Jono has been in the immigration industry for more than 11 years and has dealt with several countries, including the UK, Canada, South Africa and Australia. He is now specializing in Australian skilled visas for more than 9 years. Jono has been issued with an offshore agent ID from DIAC (now known as the DIBP) as an agent operating outside of Australia. He enjoys assisting families migrate to their respective destinations and has had the pleasure of seeing their dreams become a reality!

    • Keri Culver

      Canadian Department Manager

      Having recently moved to Cape Town after spending 2 year abroad I believe in the value of culture and appreciating the opportunities that present themselves. I am an enthusiastic individual who will continuously go the extra mile to ensure the people around me are well looked after. I have a passion for music and exploring new and interesting places. I feel privileged to be a part of a family like NWI and look forward to changing lives.

    • Nawahl Jaffer

      Senior Case Manager

      Nawahl is an Immigration consultant who currently specializes in South African Immigration and brings over 10 years of experience to the company. Nawahl has worked with a numerous Immigration firms dealing with all sorts of Temporary, permanent residency and citizenship visa applications for South Africa and Australia. Nawahl utilizes her expertise by providing advice and support to clients from the initial sign up right to lodgment and the eventual issuance of visas or permits.

    • Sean Kupferberg

      Business and Investment Visa Consultant

      I have over 6 years of experience as a trained immigration advisor at New World Immigration, specialising in Australian, Canadian, South African, European and American Immigration. My passion lies with assisting prospective migrants, business people and investors with their immigration plans and advising them on the best entry routes possible. I have an unwavering passion for immigration which has been cultivated with my time spent in the industry

    • Lee-Anne Pritchard

      Relocation and Study Abroad Manager

      With 4 years working and travelling abroad I have the knowledge and experience in the relocation struggles. I focus my role on building relationships with the right people in the right places to get you abroad and settled hassle free. I assist with: Finding accommodation abroad, Shipping, Storage, Pet Relocation, Finances, opening accounts, transferring funds etc I look forward to working with you

    • Carlos João Faria

      IT Manager

      As a young professional I approach all facets of my life with a positive attitude, work hard to achieve my goals and love helping people. My role allows me not only to help people in need, but I also learn something new everyday and that alone is priceless. Portuguese in heritage, I embrace cultural differences and enjoy working with and meeting new people daily.

    • Andrew Garbet

      Case Manager

      Originally from Johannesburg, I relocated to Cape Town and have never looked back. I have spent most of my career interacting with people from different walks of life which has helped me grow as a person. I spent 10 years in the hospitality industry working my way up to operations level for 2 major national franchises. Most recently I spent 6 years in Real Estate, it is such a great pleasure to help people achieve their life goals.

    • Cindy Truebody

      Australian Case Manager

      Though my qualifications and previous work experience was in hospitality, My heart has always been in the customer services industry. I now specialise in Australian Immigration with 100% success rate to date. I am a problem solver who always strives to go out of my way to ensure my clients get the service they deserve while taking this huge step in starting a New Life, one which is bound for success.

    • Jared Sangerhaus

      Immigration Consultant

      Born and raised in East London, I moved to London in 2009 to explore the world. I have travelled extensively throughout the UK and Europe as well as Thailand, Egypt and the USA. My experience in sales and the customer service industry has led me to New World Immigration, where I have the opportunity to assist you exploring the world as well.

    • Jenni Poole

      Canadian Case Manager

      I have travelled to a few countries and have been amazed at all of the different cultures. These experiences have widened my view on the world, and they have also piqued my interest as to the various ways that people travel between the various countries. My experiences led me to New World Immigration, who prides themselves in transparency and superior work ethic. This is not just immigration, but changing lives.

    • Leo Tendai Madimu

      Immigration Consultant

      Coming from a legal and hospitality background; it is my duty and responsibility to help, advise and communicate with individuals as best I can; which benefits me as I would say that I am a people-person, I ran the franchise in Zimbabwe and then recently made the move over to Cape Town. I've been in the immigration industry for over 6 years and have exceptional knowledge when it comes to immigration.

    • Mark Wilkinson

      Immigration Consultant

      Born and raised in Cape Town. I spent 9 years in London where I completed my studies and worked for various large international corporations. I have a passion for travel, different customs and cultures and have travelled extensively. I especially love working with families and assisting them obtaining a safer brighter future as it gives me satisfaction knowing how much I am helping them. I specialise in skilled migration into Australia and Canada

    • Olivia Beaunoir

      Australian Case Manager

      With a 2 year diploma in travel and tourism I have lived, travelled, and studied in the US and the UK. I have settled back in South Africa, not losing touch with the many friends made abroad. I enjoy quality time with my family and have recently welcomed a new addition. I have worked in various sectors including travel, airline and immigration. My great interest and passion for visas, immigration and customer service allows me to assist you in bringing your dreams to life.

    • Pindile Banjatwa

      South African Case Manager

      Being a person that has been in the Immigration industry for over 9 years, I have great passion for immigration and have gained much knowledge over the past 9 years having experience with various immigration rules and regulations for countries such as UK, various Schengen territories, and South Africa. The experience that comes with helping people with their immigration needs brings great joy in seeing people's dreams of immigrating come to reality.

    • Regina Mavura

      Australian Case Manager

      My travelling experience to Sub-Saharian countries such as Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Botswana and Zambia has enriched me with an ability to understand different demographics and has enhanced my capability to interact with people from all walks of life. I am Tourism major student and use my first time resolution principle to ensure a desired outcome is achieved.

    • Sarah Farthing Mouton

      South African Case Manager

      I moved to Cape Town in 2012 and got married to my South African spouse here in 2016. I come from a sales and marketing background and have a Bachelors Degree in Social Sciences. When not assisting clients with their immigration needs, I spend time horse riding and enjoying the Western Cape. “We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”

    • Tina Stegmann

      Canadian Case Manager

      After spending nearly a decade working in CRM and Foreign Language Recruitment, Tina knows what truly drives conversations. It’s how well you connect with the heart-beating people you’re helping and communicating your understanding back to them. Tina has landed positions in hospitality as well as in foreign language recruitment around the world. Tina holds certification in CRM and Human Resource Management.

    • Adepeju Adekoya

      Immigration Consultant

      Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. I grew up in Lagos State where there are different people with divergent mindsets and perspectives. I love meeting and interacting with people. In my free time I enjoy cooking, travelling and reading.

    • Ojo Olalekan

      Immigration Consultant

      Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. Coming from a Sales and Administrative background with a lot of experience has helped me a lot. I love meeting and helping people to get to their ideal destinations. Working for New World Immigration has given me the opportunity to offer high quality service to individuals in order to better their lives and make their dreams come true. In my free time I love cooking, reading and singing.