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Intra Company Work Permit

Time Processing Time in South Africa: Between 30-40 Days
Processing Time if lodged abroad: 30 Days
Dollar Currency Sign2 Government Fee in South Africa: R1520
New Submission Centre Fee ( in SA ): R1350
Government Fee abroad: Dependent on Currency
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Applying for an Intra Company Transfer Permit for South Africa

Intra Company Work Permit

The South African intra-company work permit is designed to assist international companies with South African interest to easily transfer foreign-based staff to one of their South African branches, sites, offices or subsidiaries.

This visa facilitates the process of transferring foreign based knowledge to the employees of that company’s South African concern. While this is a temporary visa and is not meant for extended stints in South Africa, it does however facilitate easy access to the country for, for instance, the completion of a project. This visa allows the employees, based outside the Republic, to enter the country for the purposes of work or training. The visa is granted for a maximum of four years after which the bearer will then return to their country of original residence.

The essentials of the Intra-Company Work Transfer Visa

• The applicant must be a permanent employee of a foreign based company or organization.
• The applicant must be prepared to leave SA before the visa’s four-year validity runs out.
• This visa cannot be extended beyond the four-year validity period, should the applicant’s presence in South Africa be required for longer than this, a different work visa or critical skills visa would be a more appropriate option when one first applies.


The old 2-year Intra-Company Transfer Work Visa South Africa vs the new 4-year visa

According to the Department of Home Affairs directive applications for an extension of a South African Intra-Company Transfer Work Permit may be submitted in country at your local VFS centre.

According to a departmental directive in this regard, an Intra-Company Transfer Work Visa holder who has completed their 4 year visa term, must apply for an extension abroad at their local South African Embassy. This only applies to ICT visa holders whereby their employers require their services for a longer period of time.

View the ICT Directive released by the Department of Home Affairs.

Required documentation for an application by an off-shore entity:

• The applicant must submit a valid employment contract which proves that applicant has been employed at their offices for a period of 6 months or more and that their contract of employment does not have an expiration date of less than four years.
• The company involved must also furnish an undertaking that those employees holding an Intra-Company Transfer visa will not conduct work activities in the Republic for time longer than the approved 4-year period.
• The company involved must also be able to confirm that the applicant will be transferred to a South African branch, subsidiary or affiliate of their country.

Documents required by the South African branch in question:

• Proof that the foreign staff member is to be employed at that company’s South African concern.
• A written undertaking by the employer to ensure that the foreign employee’s passport will remain valid for the full duration of their activities in South Africa.
• The company must also confirm that it accepts all responsibility to cover any expenses related to the deportation of the employee, and their family where applicable, should that be necessary.
• The employer must also be able to prove that the foreign employees is only employed in the specific position for which the visa has been issued.
• It is the responsibility of the foreign employee to comply with the stipulations and provisions of the Act and conditions of their visa.
• The employer must also commit to immediately notifying the Director-General if the employee refuses to comply with the provisions of the Act or conditions of the Intra Company Transfer Work Visa South Africa.
• The Department of Home Affairs will also need to see proof of a plan for the transfer of skills to a South African citizen or permanent resident.


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