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Permanent Residency

Time Processing Time in South Africa for Extension: 8 months
Processing Time if lodged abroad: 8 months
Dollar Currency Sign2 Government Fee in South Africa for Extension: R1520
New Submission Centre Fee ( in SA ): 1350
Government Fee abroad: Dependent on Currency
Appform Application Form when submitting abroad: Click here
Application Form when submitting in SA: Done Online

Applying for a Permanent Residency Permit for South Africa

There are different ways for one to qualify for Permanent Residency.  Residency Applications require the applicant to report to Home Affairs for an interview and for fingerprinting. Some common ways to qualify for South Africa Permanent Residency are:

•    Hold a General Work Permit for five years and have a permanent job offer.
•    Hold a Relative’s Visa sponsored by an immediate family member.
•    Hold a Critical Skills Visa and have 5 years relevant work experience.
•    Be married to an SA Spouse for at least five years.
•    Have held Asylum Status for five years.
•    Hold a Business Permit.
•    Receive a monthly income of R37,000 through Pension or Retirement Annuity
•    Have a net asset worth of R12m and payment to Home Affairs of R120,000

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Processing Times and Requirements for the Permanent Resdiency Permit

The processing times for a Permanent Residency Permit through NWI is 8 months depending on the workload at Home Affairs

Things to look out for

You must keep your current visa valid and up to date. You may need to renew your current visa while you wait for your Permanent Residency to come through. Asylum seekers need to first apply for the Five Year Verification Letter and go before a Standing Committee before applying. Visit your Home Affairs for this information. Life Partner holders who can prove cohabitation going back five years, may also be eligible.  If you have a child born in SA, you may also be eligible. Contact New World Immigration for more assistance.

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Visas in the Permanent Residency stream include: