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Treaty Visa

Time Processing Time in South Africa for Extension: 30-40 days
Processing Time if lodged abroad: 30 days
Dollar Currency Sign2 Government Fee in South Africa for Extension: R425
New Submission Centre Fee ( in SA ): 1350
Government Fee abroad: Dependent on Currency
Appform Application Form when submitting abroad: Click here
Application Form when submitting in SA: Done Online


Treaty Visa

A treaty visa is issued to any applicant participating in an activity of which South Africa and another country has signed a formal treaty agreement. New World Immigration will assist applicants in gathering all the required documents including original documentation for verification while submitting we will also prepare photocopies for any visa / permit category. 

Treaty Visa South Africa

How Do I Qualify?

  • Treaty agreement between South Africa and your country
  • A letter accompanying your application explaining the nature of activities, duration of activities and authorization to participate in activities.

Processing Times and Visa Requirements

The processing times are 30-40 working days.

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