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Immigration to South Africa

You have decided to Immigrate to South Africa. The information below will confirm why that decision was a good one!

There are a number of ways you can relocate to South Africa but one fact remains: You will have to deal with the Department of Home Affairs in securing your visas.This can be extremely challenging if you dont know what you are doing.

If you are coming to South Africa through the creation of a business entity, the investment requirements are quite heavy. Since the implementation of the new Regulations in May this year, contribution amounts now amount to R5m. A far cry from the previous amount of R2.5m. If you want a reduction in this capital requirement, you can approach the Department of Trade and Industry and get a capital reduction. There is a list of businesses that qualify for this and is appealing if you cant satisify the full amount.

Retiring in South Africa is another good option if you can satisfy the minimum financial requirements. Home Affairs are now asking that you demonstrate a monthly income of R37,000. The nice thing is you can add as many dependents as you want to this so if you are a family of 4, your kids and your spouse can hop on your visa. Before June this year, one would need to demonstrate R20,000 PER PERSON! So this we feel is a good move on the part of Home Affairs.

Moving to the republic and taking up work can have its challenges. Work permits/visas are now hard to come by. The inclusion of the department of labour in the process has made it extremely difficult to secure a visa. The lengthy processing time is also NOT appealing to prospective employers. On the upside, a Critical Skills visa was introduced into the mix which means if you are in a profession that is listed on the critical skills list, you could probably relocate to South Africa without any hassles. THe visa is valid for 5 years and one can apply for permanent residency.

These are the 3 main categories. There are others so please give us a shout if you do not meet the above criteria. THere are a few more routes that we can discuss with you.

Immigrating to South Africa can mean an incredible life for you and your family. An emerging economy, diverse cultural groups, developed infrastructure and liberal constitution makes South Africa a sought after destination for opprtunists wanting to take advantage in a "non western" setting.

South Africa is a perfect destination for your business if you are looking to expand into Africa. It is the most technologically advanced member of the SADC region and on the continent making it an ideal location to set up a head office that would feed into smaller offices on the continent. Our banking and telecommunication infrastructure is extremely good and leagues ahead of other developing African countries.


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