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Corporate Permit

Time Processing Time in South Africa: 30-40 days
Processing Time if lodged abroad: 30 days
Dollar Currency Sign2 Government Fee in South Africa: R1520
New Submission Centre Fee ( in SA ): 1350
Government Fee abroad: Dependent on Currency
Appform Application Form when submitting abroad: Click here
Application Form when submitting in SA: Done Online

Applying for a Corporate Permit for South Africa

If you are employing a predetermined number of skilled/semi-skilled/unskilled foreign workers, then the Corporate Permit allows you to employ them for a limited period of time. There are two main requirements when applying for a Corporate Permit for South Africa.

  • Detailed job descriptions
  • Proposed renumeration for each employee


Corporate Permits is issued to South African based entities, which is benefical in employing huge numbers of foreign employees.

The Department of Home Affairs first refers the corporate application to the Department of Labour and the Department of Trade Industry to approve the number of foreign workers to be employed by the South African entity. Once the corporate permit has been approved, the Department of Home Affairs then issues the corporate permit to the South African entity and authorization certificiates to all foreign employees.

List of undesirable business for a Corporate Visa;

  • Exotic Entertainment
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Fast-food Outlets and Franchises
  • Cosmetic and Beauty Industry


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 Processing Times and Requirements

The processing time is 30 to 40 working days.

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