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Schools in Canada

Canadian schools are not under one nationalized system. They will be run through the individual province or territory. Once parents choose which city, they can then begin the research for choosing the right school.

Public Schools

• Typically follow a curriculum matching the surrounding geography, language, history, and culture of the area.
• Based on catchment zones so your neighbourhood will correspond to a particular school that your child must attend.
• Typically have Parent Advisory Councils (PAC’s)and heavily influenced by locally elected school boards
• Parents are encouraged to act as volunteer teacher parents.
• Funds come from local and provincial taxes
• Real Estate close to the more successful or desirable schools are expensive. Choosing a school with the best reputation is important. Do your research and look for the school first and then property.
• Typically coeducation although Catholic public schools can be single sex

Private Schools

• These can include international, military, and special-needs schools
• Funded through tuition and private donations
• Boast better facilities, more diverse curriculum, and smaller class size
• Typically offer specialized curriculum on particular faith, language or teaching styles
• Cost $4000-$40,000 per year
• Can be coeducational or single sex

Info you should know

• School is in four age ranges. Preschool to Kindergarten for ages 2-5, Elementary school for ages 6-11, Junior High for ages 12-14, and Senior high for ages 15-18
• The school term runs from the first week in September to the last week in June and is divided into quarters