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Choosing a school for your child - Australia

The first thing to decide is what type of school. Families will have the option to choose from Catholic schools, private schools or public (government) schools. International schools would fall into the private school category.

Choosing A School For Your Child Australia

Here is the rundown of cost and what you can expect:

Government/Public schools

• Free tuition
• Variety of academic options, sports, performing arts, and languages
• Coeducational, some single sex
• Uniform required
• Run by their respective state or territory
• Can be open or selective. Selective government schools are more prestigious and only take top performers

Catholic Schools

• Tuition AUD$2000-3000 on average for Primary School
• AUD$3000-6000 per year for High School
• Single Sex
• Faith based tuition. Not solely Catholic based. Students of other religions also attend
• Slightly higher standard of school with more money spent on facilities. May offer more choices than standard government school tuition.

Private schools

• Tuition will be similar to the Catholic school at AUD$2000-2500 for Primary school
• High School tuition is where you see the jump at AUD$12,000 to AUD$30,000+ per year
• Some are coeducational
• These schools have a long history and strong reputation. You are paying for the prestige and extracurricular activities backed up by the academic results. More money is spent on school grounds and sports facilities. English is often a strong focus with these schools.

Other info regarding all schools:

• The school year is from January to December.
• Your kids will be involved heavily in cricket, netball, soccer, rugby, and various other sports. Sports are a big focus.
• All schools require a uniform
• There are 4 terms in a school year. Vacations will be between each term.
• The Education system is broken down into Prep (kindergarten), Primary School and then Secondary School (High School)
• Each state or territory will vary slightly on their school term and vacation period