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If in need of a change of scenery and open to diversity, South Africa is the country of choice to commence a new start. If you are looking to immigrate to the culture-rich South Africa the New World Immigration blog intends to provide you with easy accessible information on immigration and various visa applications. Get clued up and make the immigration to South Africa a simple, stress-free experience with New World Immigration.

Special Permit will End Deportation of Lesotho Nationals

The permit will document Basotho’s living and working in South Africa – keeping tabs on foreign nationals in South Africa – but also aiding their ease of movement through the South African Lesotho border posts and saving South Africa deportation fees of persons illegally in the Republic. Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba last week confirmed that February 2016 was the ta…

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18 000 SA jobs lost due to Department’s slow permit processing

DA MP Michael Bagraim said to the Cape Argus that the lack in urgency while processing work visa applications in the past two years has resulted in the loss of 18 000 potential job opportunities created by skilled migrants. The criticism comes on the back of the tourism visa controversy, which made international headlines. Last week the DA raised alarm bells over the lack…

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Top Tips for Importing your Dog or Cat into South Africa

1. Does My Pet Need an Import Permit A veterinary import permit is needed to import Dogs & Cats into South Africa. • Non - quarantine import permit - valid for 6 months• Quarantine import permit - valid for +/- 10 days 2. Must My Pet Go Into Quarantine? • CATS: Cats are not routinely quarantined on arrival in South Africa. The cat must however have a valid import p…

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Top 10 Reasons Why South Africans Are Emigrating

People will always strive to improve their current conditions. This includes leaving one’s current environment for a better one.  South Africans are no exception and this need for an improved quality of life has for nearly two decades driven a massive surge in migration. South Africans seem to favour the political, economic and social stability of countries like Australia…

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South Africa courts International students

Gigaba’s announcement came after consultations he had with the International Education Association of South Africa (IEASA), which was liaising with universities to identity students affected by the regulations. The waiver came as a solution to assist students, who would have been unable to write their examinations, or have been “declared undesirable when leaving the count…

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Relaxed South African Visa Rules must be implemented before the festive season

Tourism industry role players and international airlines on Wednesday called for the relaxed visa rules to be implemented before the busy tourist season starts. The tourism industry had said the requirements meant they were losing millions as tourists simply went to other countries. The relaxed rules coupled with the weakened Rand could entice tourists and benefit the s…

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Foreign nationals must have Valid Travel Documents or Face Deportation

"The South African government handed over the people to Zimbabwean government and since August they have been on remand in Zimbabwe, and as we are saying others would be repatriated again as soon as the Zimbabwe government finds funds for the exercise," Mwanza Immigration Boarder Post Spokesperson Pasqually Zulu said to Eyewitness News after reports were confirmed that mor…

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South Africa amongst Top 20 Best Countries to Raise a Family

Sunny skies, fresh air, a family orientated environment, pared with access to excellent schooling and affordable child and medical care, has contributed to the fact that the country ranks as the 18th best place in the world to raise a family. This is according to Expat Insider. The Expat Insider survey found the three most appealing destinations for worldwide expats to be…

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New Visa Regulations Make it Easier to Come to South Africa

According to the press statement issued by the Department, the law, as amended, will remain with adjustments to be made in the implementation thereof with the hopes of making it easier for visa applicants to comply with legislation. Applications by post The statement confirms that, “In terms of the decision, on the requirement for travellers to apply for visas in person,…

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New visa regulations for children a success says judge

"Ever since the visa regulations have come into force, the numbers of 'Hague abductions' have decreased," said KwaZulu-Natal High Court judge Kantharuby 'Kate' Pillay during her interview for the job of deputy judge president in the province on Thursday. She explained that her role is to work with the family advocate to co-ordinate and expedite disputes relating to childr…

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