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If in need of a change of scenery and open to diversity, South Africa is the country of choice to commence a new start. If you are looking to immigrate to the culture-rich South Africa the New World Immigration blog intends to provide you with easy accessible information on immigration and various visa applications. Get clued up and make the immigration to South Africa a simple, stress-free experience with New World Immigration.

Home Affair plans to make travelling across border posts easier

The minister specifically addressed the scenario where parents are unable to travel because of the provisions of the law instituted in 2014. Under the current law parents will not be able to travel with their children if one partner had disappeared or was being uncooperative. “The department cannot say in that regard we waive the regulations, because they must apply to ev…

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Business travellers and academics traveling to South Africa could qualify for 10-year visa

This new directive does however only apply to travellers who are passport holders of African countries. This special visa extension allows foreign nationals to enter and exit the country an unlimited number of times in a ten year period, subject certain conditions – one of which is that the holder’s visit should not be less than 90 days per entry. In an effort to regulate…

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Expats rate Durban ahead of Cape Town

Expats, who once sang the praises of the Mother City, have discovered that Durban is the place to be – rating shortly behind the Africa Region of Port Louise – the Mauritian capital. Mercer’s survey indicates that foreign, experienced and qualified professionals would rather work in Durban than anywhere else on the continent. Africa is far down the choice destinations ar…

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South Africa is attracting top notch professionals with the Critical Skills Work Visa

The South African government have also identified that in order to grow the country, on several levels, it is necessary to seek and employ professionals who will fill gaps in the labour force thereby creating jobs and providing experience mentors in a number of industries. In 2015 research found that migrants greatly stimulated both the international and local workforce a…

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Immigration is not a ‘white’ thing it’s a better life thing

“Yes, as the title states, I’m a black South African and I want to go live elsewhere. Why, you ask is it important that I state my race? It’s simple; people seem to assume that only white South Africans are leaving the country simply because they don’t like blacks in power. This is not true, most are leaving because they don’t see a future for South Africa and sadly, I …

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South African Home Affairs urges Basotho’s to get their Special Permits

The South African Department of Home Affairs have confirmed that more than half a million people are expected to apply for this special permit when registration opens in March. Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba commented from his office at the Department of Home Affairs saying that the number could be less as it is expected that more Basotho’s live in the Republic than …

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South Africa to introduce visa concessions for traveling minors

The official announcement came on Friday after a meeting between the director-general of the Department of Home Affairs, Mkuseli Apleni , and the Department of Tourism and the tourism sector on the cabinet concessions of immigration regulations. The countries visa requirements have been met with little more than criticism since its implementation 7 months ago with the big…

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Court judgement could see revision of South African Spousal Visa requirements

The Western Cape High Court set a president last week where by foreign nationals, married to South African citizens, would not have to return to their country of origin while awaiting the issuance of their Spousal Visa. The Western Cape High Court handed down judgement that a 40-year-old Zimbabwean national married to a South African would not have to return to Zimbabwe t…

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EFF calls for scrapping of immigration laws for Africans

Bey was arrested in South Africa on 9 January for failing to produce valid travel documents at a South African border post and for overstaying the terms of his visa. He and his family have consequently be ordered out of the Republic and have been banned from re-entering for at least five years. Now, reports Media24, the EFF wants Africans scattered around the world to be e…

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Families torn apart by new South African Immigration rules

Unwavering immigration officials and a misinformed embassy set in motion a distressing series of event which ended in a little girl being refused entry into, and banned from, South Africa – her parents’ home, and a country she has travelled to on many occasions in the past. Yaron Schapiro said to the Cape Times that he and his wife had two children when they left to live …

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