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Soaring hopes, Dark fears

Soaring Hopes Dark Fears

But South Africa is also a country which harbours many fears especially for minority groups living in the country. The outbreak of xenophobic violence, discriminatory legislation and lack of leadership regarding these issues does darken the outlook for the country and its economy, if the problems are not addressed within the next few years, the results could be catastrophi…

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Employers be warned

Employers Be Warned

Efforts to find and deport any and all undocumented and illegal immigrants have been taken up a notch with the announcement that the South African Government is preparing to spend more than R118 million over the next three years to rid the country of those illegally working and living within its borders.

The South African Department of Home Affairs issued a stern warning th…

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Foreigners are valuable

Gigaba re-iterated that those migrants who enter the country through the various border posts are all in compliance with immigration regulations and by entering the republic they play an important role in integrating South Africa into the global community.

Foreigners Are Valuable

Furthering his commitments, to citizens and migrants alike, Gigaba announced that more than R118 million will be spent …

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The world’s ‘most powerful’ passports

South Africa issues one of the world’s most powerful passports, meaning that the holders of this passport is not required to arrange an entry visa in more than 97 world countries. In Africa your RSA passport lets you vacation your heart out in Benin, Botswana, Gabon, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda, Saint Helena, Senegal, Seychelles, Swazila…

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The long wait for visas could soon be over says DHA

According to news reports the Department of Home Affairs will be piloting an international permit hub in Pretoria, with Nigeria, India, and Kenya being used as test cases for expediting issuing of visas and permits.

The Long Wait For Visas Could Soon Be Over Says DHA

The three countries were chosen for this pilot due to the high numbers of applications.
The announcement was made by Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba at a rou…

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South African tourist visa regulations come under fire

According to the article by Professor Wolfgang Thome the Nairobi based VFS Global – Information Desk South Africa Visa Application Centre in fact confirmed a few days ago that the required hotel bookings applicants must show to qualify for a visa, cannot be done through a travel agent or one of the common hotel booking platforms like or but must be …

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Mugabe praises SA’s Zimbabwean Special Permit

According to news reports on Thursday President Robert Mugabe thanked South Africa for "taking care" of Zimbabweans who live and work in the country and called for support for President Jacob Zuma.

Mugabe Praises SA’S Zimbabwean Special Permit

"You know that we owe you not just a gesture of thankfulness, which we must express, but we owe you that thankfulness for the tolerance there has been on the part of the govern…

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Strict South African child visa rules could protect children against ISIS

A 15-year-old girl was taken off a British Airways flight in Cape Town on Sunday, after her relative’s contacted authorities reporting her disappearance from her parent’s home.

Strict South African Child Visa Rules Could Protect Children Against ISIS

A 15-year-old girl was taken off a British Airways flight in Cape Town on Sunday, after her relative’s contacted authorities reporting her disappearance from her parent’s home.

According to the Depart…

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Department of tourism proposing a delay in travel document requirements for children

Speaking to Traveller24 spokesperson for the Department of Tourism Praveen Naidoo stated that Minister Derek Hanekom’s department had requested an extension of the implementation date of this regulation.

Department Of Tourism Proposing A Delay In Travel Document Requirements For Children

Hanekom has apparently pointed out that the matter needs to be addressed urgently since the costs, time and effort expected from visitors in order to meet the requirements …

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Zuma's son wants foreigners out of the country

“We need to be aware that as a country we are sitting on a ticking time bomb of them [foreigners] taking over the country.

Zumas Son Wants Foreigners Out Of The Country

"The reason why I am saying that is because some of the foreigners are working for private security companies where they have been employed for cheap labour. These companies are running away from complying with South African labour laws,” said the presi…

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