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South African universities among best in Africa

The results have come just before the Times Higher Education African Universities Summit, which will be held in Johannesburg on 30 and 31 July. The summit will look at topics including higher education funding on the continent and preventing brain drain. According to University World News, THE is working on a future Africa league table from its global rankings but will us…

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All Approved ZSP permits to be issued by August 2015

The ZSP is the successor to a permit issued as part of the Department's Dispensation of Zimbabweans Project (DZP) which was implemented in April 2009. The acceptance of new applications closed last year, but issuing thereof is still an ongoing process. The new ZSP will be valid until 31 December 2017, and all those whose permits were rejected will be allowed to appeal aga…

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Local tourism has not suffered under new travel laws

With the implementation of the South African travel requirements the general reaction was wild speculation about the likely negative impact of the new immigration regulations on tourism and the economy.

Local Tourism Has Not Suffered Under New Travel Laws

Statistics SA notes that 3.22-million travellers passed through SA’s ports of entry in March. This includes arrivals and departures and is made up of 794,917 South African r…

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Brics leaders commit to ‘more active trade, investment co-operation’

The idea of the special trade and travel agreements is to encourage business deals between the member-countries while stimulating economic growth and development. Regulations and non-tariff barriers are often cited among the main impediments to faster economic co-operation and trade deals.

Brics Leaders Commit To ‘More Active Trade Investment Co Operation’

This comes on the back of recent media reports stating that South Africa’s 12-month-o…

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Why South African millionaires are leaving

Immigration statistics for the past 15 years also indicates that South African millionaires are exchanging their country of birth for countries like Australia, the UK, Cyprus, Mauritius, the US and Canada.

Why South African Millionaires Are Leaving

South Africa suffered a huge impact and figures indicate that the Republic came in seventh overall in countries losing their wealthy to green pastures.

New World Wealth an…

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Cape Town is third most affordable expat city in the world.

The top five most expensive cities have remained relatively stable. Moving from No. 3 to No. 2 this year, Hong Kong, with its currency pegged to the U.S. Dollar, is known for having one of the most expensive housing markets in the world. Zurich, Geneva and Bern all remained in the top 10, strengthening Switzerland’s position as one of the most expensive countries for expat…

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South Africa is the only country requiring unabridged birth certificate

The report also pointed to the loss in tourism income while the taxpayer is expected to fork out around R17.5 million for the biometric reader system to be installed at South African consulates and an additional R7 million for the same system at South African border posts.

South Africa Is The Only Country Requiring Unabridged Birth Certificate

The estimated net loss to the South African GDP is expected to be around R4.1bn, with a further loss o…

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Visa Transfers for lost, stolen or expired passports

A transfer of temporary residence visa applies to those whom require their current temporary residence visa to be transferred from an old , lost or stolen passport into a new one. The first step in this process is thus to obtain a new passport. Passport need to be applied for 30 days before expiring. Foreign nationals must apply for passports at their respective country's…

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Gigaba agrees SA’s immigration policy needs an overhaul to meet economic goals

The majority of asylum applicants were economic migrants, but SA’s 1999 white paper on immigration policy "doesn’t respond adequately, or even at all, (to) the challenges of economic migration", this is according to Gigaba, who was speaking at the start of a two-day colloquium on immigration in Pretoria.

Gigaba Agrees SA’S Immigration Policy Needs An Overhaul To Meet Economic Goals

The department will release a green paper for public consultation in M…

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South African Child Travel Regulations

“Martina Mookadam’s husband was travelling from the UK with her and their three children, aged 10, 14, and 15, when he was called to treat a patient from the royal family of a state in the Middle East,” Gift of the Givers founder, Imtiaz Sooliman, said in a statement. The husband is a cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic, in Arizona. They were on their way to visit family in S…

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