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If in need of a change of scenery and open to diversity, South Africa is the country of choice to commence a new start. If you are looking to immigrate to the culture-rich South Africa the New World Immigration blog intends to provide you with easy accessible information on immigration and various visa applications. Get clued up and make the immigration to South Africa a simple, stress-free experience with New World Immigration.

South Africa says Visa regulations are not the only reason for dwindling tourism figures

Gigaba instead criticised the local tourism sector for not doing enough to sell South Africa as a destination for visitors, adding that other factors, including a constrained global economy, had also contributed to the decline of tourism numbers. The outspoken Minister, who had stuck by his guns on the country’s controversial visa reforms, stopped short of outright critici…

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Lesotho and South Africa to enter into special visa agreement

Home Affairs Minister, Malusi Gigaba, announced on 22 September South Africa’s undertaking to enter into a Lesotho special dispensation agreement after the conclusion of two days of talks with his Lesotho counterpart, Lekhetho Rakuoane. The reciprocal visit had the backing from President Jacob Zuma and Minister Gigaba paid a courtesy call on Lesotho Prime Minister, Pakali…

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“Get your immigration documents in order” Operation Fiela nets another 15 000 migrants

“In fact South Africa is actively seeking to attract professionals who are skilled and schooled in more than 200 occupations – of which a severe shortage of South African candidates have been indicated,” said Ragless of South Africa’s problem with undocumented migrants streaming into the country and being forcibly repatriated by south African government officials.” The in…

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Understanding the South African Nationality Law and how it affects your South African citizenship

Citizenship by birth According to Chapter 2 of the 1995 law, anyone who was considered to be a "citizen by birth" prior to the enactment of the law or who is born in the Republic on or after the enactment of the law is a citizen by birth. Also, a person is a "citizen by birth" if they can be considered a citizen by descent and at the time of birth at least one parent was:…

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Returning expats and wealthy foreigners interested in Cape Town property

“With an exchange rate favouring their foreign currency and spend, and having established successful careers overseas, they are generally able to afford large properties and capitalise on opportunities to acquire good value for money – and make sound investments in real estate for the future.” “One may be surprised at the excellent value for money here. Considering the ge…

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Tata hit’s out at SA Immigration Law Makers

Reported by the City Press earlier today Chairman of Tata, Noel Tata, said that the company was becoming increasingly frustrated with the amount of time that it took to obtain the necessary documentation to allow it to bring in employees from outside South Africa to work at its Johannesburg office. "It is increasingly time-consuming to get visas for our business. We bel…

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Professionals are showing increased interest in South Africa

Africa’s most developed nation did however beat countries like the US, France, Hong Kong, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and the UK in the rankings taking a very impressive 6th place after the power-house top five of Canada, Australia, Thailand, Singapore and Bahrain. The survey found that 0.26% more professionals arrived in South Africa than left between January and Dec…

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A quick guide for International Students

International students should apply for a Study Permit. It is imperative that students await the outcome of this application for a study permit in their own country of residence or origin. Study permits are issued for a program of study at a specific institution. International students should obtain a new permit only if they wish to change institutions. Once you have c…

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South African Home Affairs clarifies Angolan Cessation Processes

Setting the record straight and communicating the Republic’s decisions regarding Angolan’s currently living in South Africa as refugees, the press release stated, “It is of importance to note that, against the backdrop of the 1951 UN Convention relating to the Status of Refugees and the 1967 Protocol relating to the Status of Refugees and the 1969 Organisation of African U…

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South African Home Affairs Minister says 99.7% 200 000 ZSP applications were processed in 6 months

The cut-off date for receiving ZSP applications was December 2014. Applications were received by VFS Global, and adjudicated by the Department, with 31 July 2015 as our deadline for Departmental adjudication and processing of applications. The ZSPs are valid until 31 December 2017, said Gigaba and that the ZSP would also expire on that date. From 1 January 2018, Zimbabwea…

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