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Soon South Africans are to be affected by Canada’s new biometrics rules

South Africans will as of 31 July 2018 have to satisfy a new set of biometric requirements anytime they plan on crossing a Canadian border. The new rules which will come in to effect at the end of the month, applies to anyone from Europe, the Middle East and Africa applying for a Canadian visa. The new biometrics system will rely on facial recognition technology and wi…

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Canada Saskatchewan: Exciting new Expression of Interest system now in effect

Saskatchewan’s Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) will, as of today, accept Expression of Interest (EOI) from qualifying migrants. Essentially the province will now rank candidate profiles based on their contribution in human capital and not by being ‘first in the que’ as had been the case until yesterday. As of today the Saskatchewan government will issue an Invitation to …

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Canada is keeping its 300 000 a year immigrant promise

Late last year Canada announced plans to meet an annual immigration target of 300 000 which the country managed to achieve during the 2017 financial year and it became evident that Canada will once again meet their immigration target as the Express Entry Draws had routinely met their full target of issuing Invitations to Apply to migrant hopefuls. Speaking at a conference…

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Canada’s Express Entry continues Streak of High Volume Invitations

Candidates with profiles in Canada’s Express Entry immigration system have good reason to feel positive that they will soon receive their Invitations to Apply for a Canadian Visa. The Government of Canada has invited 3 750 Express Entry candidates to apply for Canadian permanent residence in the latest draw held on July 11. The minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) s…

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The USA’s EB-5 visa could be your quickest path to residency in the States

America’s EB-5 visa could be the best and quickest way of securing your American Green Card.  This visa, which is specifically designed to attract foreign investment to America, is increasing in popularity on a daily basis and it’s not hard to see why.  By applying for an EB-5 foreign nationals chasing the American Dream now have a straight forward, uncomplicated and almos…

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You can join your children in Canada with the Parent Visa

Have your children immigrated to Canada and are you missing them and your grandchildren?  Did you know that you could join them in Canada for an extended period by obtaining a Parent Super Visa?  Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada last year launched a brand new visa specifically designed to reunite families like never before. Essentially your children or worki…

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Canada: Saskatchewan looking for a variety of Medical Professionals, Engineers, Tradesman and IT personnel

The Saskatchewan Province of Canada has just released its list of in demand occupations for their Provincial Immigrant Nominee Program. Saskatchewan’s provincial government identified a need for professionals to fill jobs in 33 different occupations and are looking abroad as not enough local talent is available to meet their needs.  The province has indicated on their I…

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Schooling your child in Canada is one of the best things you could do for him

A quality education is the key to a successful future.  That is one of life’s truths that fall in the same camp as the two other certainties; death and tax.  It is certainly not surprising that parents place a high value on their children’s education and often cites ‘access to internationally recognized education’ as one of their major motivations for immigrating their fam…

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Ever wondered what your Canadian visa options are?

If you have made the decision to explore the option of working and living in Canada you will have undoubtedly started wondering about which visa you should apply for.  Canada is welcoming of migrants but follow a strict - and successful – migration regime and applying for the right visa could make all the difference between being approved or rejected. It can be a compli…

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Canada sees the benefit of importing skills

Canada and Canadians have long realized that their immigration system is the key to the country’s economic prosperity and that without migrants the country would find it difficult to compete on the world stage. The results of a recent study supported this fact when it found that most Canadians support sensible immigration policies and understand the need to import the ski…

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