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Investing in Portuguese property keeps a nice back door open

Every day more and more South Africans are considering their immigration options and while Canada and Australia might be considered popular destinations South Africans have some very, very attractive options in Europe too!  Have you heard about Portugal’s Golden Visa or Investor Visa?   A life in the Mediterranean certainly sounds idyllic, a perfect climate, a property m…

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EB-5 Investor Program: Now is the best time to secure your American Green Card

Did you know that it is possible to secure American residency, or a Green Card, by simply investing in America? The American immigration law allows certain foreign nationals who are employment-based immigrants to become lawful permanent residents of the country.  This includes foreign nationals in possession of an EB visa, EB is short for ‘Employment Based’.   Foreign n…

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The USA’s EB-5 visa is still your best and quickest path to America

A growing concern about the effects and execution of land expropriation plans, a failing educational system being held hostage by students claiming ‘fees must fall’, daily violent protesting and the destruction of infrastructure – even burning down police stations – is leaving South Africans awkwardly perched on the edge of their seats unsure of what to expect next. The p…

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Canada: International Students say they are there to stay

It seems that students who opt to study in Canada also plan on making a much greater commitment to the country once they graduate.  The findings of a recent study found that international students studying at Canadian universities plan to apply for Canadian Residency once they graduate. This is great news for Canada as it means that they are able to retain the talent th…

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Do you qualify to teach in Canada? Find out here

Canada is short of teachers and as a nation that values quality education finding good quality teachers is a priority of all Canadian provinces and the Canadian government as a whole. To address the problem of a shortage of good teachers most Canadian provinces allow eligible teachers to apply to immigrate to that province through their Provincial Nomination Program.   Th…

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Getting your credentials as a foreign lawyer in Canada

If you are a lawyer immigrating to Canada, and you would like to practice law in Canada, you need to arrange for your South African law degree to be recognized by the Canadian government. Lawyers, with foreign qualifications, will only be able to practice law once their degree, knowledge and experience has been confirmed and accepted by the National Committee on Accredi…

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Canada’s Unemployment lowest since 1970’s

Canada continues to strengthen economically; something which is evident in the latest news that the country’s unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in more than 40 years.   According to a Statistics Canada’s unemployment rate fell to an impressive 5.7 percent, the lowest in the current data series that begins in 1976. An article in Bloomberg said that Canada added …

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Canadian territories looking for quality teachers and educational specialists

Canada’s unemployment levels are one of the lowest in the world and it is still dropping.  While this is an ideal situation for any country’s economy it also means that state department, private enterprise and big business are find it hard to find suitable talent and are forced to look off shore to fill these gaps. An area that is in serious need of a constant supply of…

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Canada: Quebec's New Immigration System favours Skill over the Que

The Canadian province of Quebec is following suite with other provinces and territories and have booted their old ‘first come first served’ immigration system in favour of finding skilled applicants for vacant positions. When the new immigration policy comes into effect Quebec’s immigration department will focus on matching skilled workers to work shortages.  This means…

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Don’t DIY your Canadian immigration application

If you have decided to immigrate to Canada, you might have reached one of the biggest and most important decisions of your life.  Immigrating to a foreign country is never easy, but is certainly much more manageable if you employ the services of a dedicated Canadian Immigration Consultant. Canada is welcoming of immigrants and for this reason the country’s population is d…

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