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Do you speak French? No, but neither do 80% of Canadians!

Did you know that just 20% of the Canadian population speak French and that being able to speak French is not an immigration requirement for the vast majority of migrants? The truth is that, while some Canadian provinces have Francophone (French speaking) communities, few people speak French and the Francophone community is recognized as a Canadian minority group.  In f…

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Canada Ranked as one of the Best Countries in the Entire World

Canada is the second best country in the world to live in!  This is according to the findings of the 2018 Best Countries report, a rankings and analysis project by U.S. News & World Report, Y&R's BAV Group and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Canada ranked highest in the “quality of life” category while also performing well in the citizenshi…

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The ‘other’ reasons that make you want to move to Canada

Living in Canada makes complete sense. Canada is safe, politically stable and growing economically.  It’s a First World Country, with all that entails, and offers career opportunities a plenty. They're particularly fond of migrants and they are ever so welcoming of diversity. We know that you know what to expect when you emigrate to Canada, but there are a few other great …

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Worried about Canadian Weather? Don’t be!

When considering your migration options, one thing to always consider is what the weather conditions will be like abroad. When talking about Canada specifically, the question always comes up about the cold in Canada. We are here to prove to you that life in Canada is not as cold as it’s made out to be! Come rain or shine, it’s a natural thing to talk about the weather. …

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Canadian Job Prospects are the best that they’ve ever been

Canada is a growing country, welcoming of migrants who will contribute to the country’s prosperity.  New information says that now is the best time ever to make your move if you were considering immigrating to Canada. Slow population growth and an aging population meant that employers have had to become more creative and competitive in attracting good quality talent. Em…

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You are likely to be a Top Global Earner if you work in Australia or Canada

Expats living in Canada and Australia earn an excellent living says an international survey. Both Canada and Australia made it onto the Top 15 list of countries where you get paid the best salaries.   The by the respected HSBC bank is released and updated annually and includes the feedback from more than 22,000 expats living across the globe.  The HSBC List of Best Paid …

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More people than ever before migrated to Canada in 2018

In 2018 more migrants than ever chose a life in Canada.  Immigration to Canada has reached new record heights with the last half of 2018 being especially busy. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada says it recorded more migrants entering the country in the six-month period between 1 July and 31 October 2018 than ever before.  These figures are great news for Cana…

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Australia and Canada amongst top 20 countries to live in

Job security, wage growth, safety, and a good quality of life are important factors when choosing a country to settle in. While Norway, Singapore and Switzerland were scored best by expats, both Canada and Australia also made the list. According to HSBC’s “Expat Explorer Survey,” the average expat has an income of $US99,900, a 25% increase from their salary in their hom…

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Canada's unemployment rate has hit a new record low

New data shows that Canada’s unemployment rate has hit a new record low.  Nearly 95% of the country’s population is employed compared to South Africa where not even 75% of its citizens are working. As South Africans know too well, a countries’ unemployment levels have a direct impact on everything from social responsibilities, healthcare, infrastructure, the economy and…

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The world’s most talented choose Canada

Are you one of the brightest tech specialists in your field? Have you considered immigrating to Canada? If you do you will be in very good company! When it comes to finding a place where the wi-fi connects automatically the world’s best and brightest lists Canada as being one of their favourite countries to live and work in. According to the world’s hottest talent, and th…

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