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Australian business warn: No boom without foreign workers

Australian businesses in Western Australia fear another major skills shortage will soon take hold in the territory’s economy as it emerges from recession, sparking calls for governments to relax restrictions on importing foreign workers. According to an article recently published in the Australian, WA had the biggest drop in unemployment of all the states last month aft…

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Be Prepared for Your Canadian Settlement Funds Expense

Canada requires all migrants to have a certain amount of money available to them, to cover living expenses during the first few months in the country while they are waiting to paid or seeking employment. Insufficient or badly calculated settlement funds will mean that your application for residency could be rejected, so it is good to note that on 5 January 2018 this fig…

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Canada is happy to take migrants from ‘shithole’ countries and here’s why

It seems that American President Donald Trump is missing out by not being interested in migrants from Africa and the Caribbean (or shithole countries as he puts it). Recent Census data, made available by the Canadian Government, showed that Canada was growing and staying healthy with the help and expertise that migrants (even those from African countries) provide. Data…

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Canada’s Start-up Visa Programme Remains Popular

Over the past few years, there have been a number of changes in business immigration programmes in the country with the cancellation of the Federal immigrant investor programme and the Federal entrepreneur programme. These have been replaced with the start-up visa programme and the much smaller immigrant investor venture capital (IIVC) pilot program which was launched i…

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Canada: You could qualify for a visa without a job offer!

Certain Canadian states and territories could grant you a work visa without even having a job offer in hand. New figures, released by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), reveal that Express Entry candidates without a Canadian job offer have been the big beneficiaries of targeted improvements to the way candidates are ranked. In fact 90% of invitations i…

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The year that was and how it affects 2018

Canada underwent a number of exciting changes on their immigration front that has placed the country in the lead with regards to international immigration and has firmed its position as a top innovator in terms of immigration legislation. A recent article took a look at the changes that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) underwent in 2017 and how it wil…

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Brush up on your English and French if you are off to Montreal

Quebec and the rest of Canada for that matter are in the market for talent that will drive and grow their economy and be able to speak both English and French. The 2016 Canadian Census revealed that migrants seem to understand that they won’t get far without being completely fluent and understandable in at least one of the two official Canadian languages being either En…

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Canada adopts lottery system for reuniting immigrants with parents, grandparents

Canada’s first Parent Visa Lottery has attracted 95,000 applicants all of whom are hoping to that their parents will nab one of the 10 000 spots reserved for parents or grandparents to join their children and grandchildren in the country. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada brought in the new lottery process this year to replace the former first-come, first-ser…

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The Eight Occupations Always in Demand in Canada

Canada has work and career opportunities across a wide range of occupations and not enough citizens to meet the demand to fill these positions. This means that Canadian employers look abroad to find suitable candidates as, If these positions remain empty, businesses will stop growing and keeping up with international demands for innovation. With fewer job opportunities …

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Atlantic Canada could be your Immigration Answer

Have you considered immigrating to Canada? How about settling in New Brunswick, New Foundland and Labrador, and Nova Scotia or Prince Edward Island? It is often the case that migrants to Canada only think of Montreal, Quebec, Vancouver or Edmonton but did you know that New Brunswick is the eighth-most-populous Canadian province/territory, with a population of 747,101? S…

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