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Survey Results says Canada and Australia are Among the Very Best Places to Work and Live

If you’ve had enough of crime, corruption, unemployment, poor infrastructure and violence the HSBC Expat Survey says you should pack your bags for Australia or Canada. It seems that the expats who took part in the annual HSBC survey continue to rate their experience living and working in Australia and Canada as some of the best in the world. The survey found that, for t…

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3000 candidates invited to apply for residency in latest draw

Canada seems to make good on their word to increase immigration with the news that the latest Express Entry draw has seen 3000 invitations issued to would-be migrants. In the newest draw 3,000 candidates, who have created profiles on Canada’s Express Entry Immigration system, have been given the go-ahead candidates to apply for Canadian permanent residency. This most re…

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Canada Will Make Huge Investment in Immigration

Canada has announced that it will invest hundreds of millions to ensure the success of their three-year plan to attract more than 300 000 quality migrants. In a press conference on Thursday, Canada’s Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said that the government’s multi-year immigration plan is on track and CA $440 million will be committed to ensuring its success. Last No…

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Having a job offer is no longer key to immigrating to Canada

Only 10 per cent of invitations to immigrate to Canada now go to those with a job offer, down from 40 per cent before changes were made in November 2016. This is the opinion of the author of an article recently published in The Star (Toronto). According to the article Canada’s rebooted economic immigration selection system has created a bigger pool of eligible candidate…

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These are the jobs most in demand in Canada

Canada is looking for a variety of skills to fill the ever growing gaps in their market and it seems the most popular skills Canadian employers are looking for are experienced in Information Technology (especially those with coding skills), project managers, accountants and engineers are among the most. Every year the human resources company, Randstad Canada, conducts a s…

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Canadian Industries Desperate for Skilled Workers

Canada says that a serious shortage of skilled workers will negatively impact on the country’s recovering industrial sector. Speaking to the Globe and Mail factory owner Doug Kamphuis said that the situation was worsening every week and finding qualified and experienced tradesman is becoming increasingly difficult to find. Role players in the industry agree and have com…

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Immigrants play the largest role in Canada’s status as one of best-educated nation

A new study showed that immigrants and not born Canadians are responsible for the country’s huge education score. In fact, it seems that 36 percent of children from immigrant families are educated to at least university level and have obtained their degrees, while only 24 percent of their peers with Canadian-born parents could say the same. Canada’s Immigration Departme…

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Canada: Use Your Sibling’s Residency to Your Advantage

If you have siblings who are residents of Canada you might be able to use it to your advantage. Canada’s immigration laws were amended last year and now a brother or sister already living in the country could actually make your immigration path a bit smoother. Effectively this means that you could piggyback on your sib’s residency status to gain residency in Canada your…

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Beware of websites falsely promoting Canadian Visa Lottery

Canada’s Immigration authority has warned that visa applicants should not be lured by false online posts promoting a visa lottery. Migrants cannot obtain a Canadian visa through any kind of lottery system. Visas are granted through a highly developed immigration program that awards certain predetermined points to candidates based on their perceived value to the Canadian so…

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Australia and Canada still favoured by SA Migrants

According to a new BBC list Canada and Australia are among the top ten countries for South African’s to immigrate to. It is actually no surprise that both Canada and Australia remain firmly among South African’s favourite immigration destinations. According to an article published by News24 about half a million South Africans have left the country – many of whom have se…

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