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German Speakers Needed Urgently!

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Amazon, an International Online E-commerce and Cloud Computing Giant Company with offices based in Cape Town, South Africa, are in search of your German language ability.

Applications can be made by sending your cv to or call 021 555 0951 and ask for Tina Stegmann, our NWI Recruitment Manager.

What is in it for you:-

Work Visa for successful a…

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The BBC says you can’t go wrong moving to Australia or Canada

f you are sick of violence, political instability and a weak currency you might want to consider packing your bags for Canada.  Based on the results of recent and very comprehensive research by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Canada faredexceptionally well in those categories – even better than the United States. The ever popular Australia, who always ‘makes…

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Nearly a quarter of all Canadian residents are migrants

New information released by Canada’s census takers revealed that almost a fourth of Canadian residents were born in other countries. The country’s current demographic trends suggest that immigration will account for an estimated one-third of Canada’s real GDPgrowth by 2030. According to StatsCan 21.9% of Canadians are immigrants, the highest share in 85 years.  The share …

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Ontario becoming very popular with Migrants

Ontario is reporting an increase of 39 per cent of Canadian migrants choosing to settle in the province.  The government of Ontario is also doing everything it can to attract newcomers who are desperately needed to help stimulate growth in the province.  Today around 100 000 migrants settle in Ontario every year and this number is set to climb. According to an article in …

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Australian and Canada STILL Favourites with Expats

It seems that both Australia and Canada just can’t shake their popularity with expats and immigrants! Year on year both countries are listed amongst the Top Ten Best Countries to Work by the participants of the much respected HSBC’s “Expat Explorer” an international survey. The survey takes several factors into account that would affect the happiness and job satisfactio…

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Ottawa first to relax medical inadmissibility clause

Persons with illnesses and disabilities who would previously not meet Canada’s entry requirements due to their health problems may from 1 June be successful in their application to immigrate to Canada. This is due to the relaxing of certain Canadian immigration laws that made persons suffering from certain medical conditions inadmissible to the country. “Today’s changes…

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Canada Considering Expanding Biometrics Imposed on Travelers

“Canadians are invited to provide input on new regulations to expand Canada’s Biometrics Program”, this is the headline of a press release issued by the Canadian government earlier this month. The press release opens with the statement that, Canada has long had one of the highest per capita rates of immigration in the world and is an attractive destination for immigrant…

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The Basic Check-list for entering Canada

Before stepping foot in the airport on your way to Canada make sure you have your basic travel arrangements and documents in order. Canada, as all other countries, takes their entry requirements for travelers very seriously and as professionals who are experienced with assisting people to immigrate and travel to Canada, we can only emphasize the importance of these rules. …

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Do you qualify for a Canadian Visa

If you are thinking about working, studying, visiting or permanently living in Canada you will have to make sure that you qualify for a Canadian Visa. To give you an idea of the likelihood of your success we visited the Canadian Immigration and Citizenship website for some tips and found out what Canada will want to know from you before considering your visa application…

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Canada named the 10th most friendly country for migrants

It seems you really can’t go wrong if you plan on immigrating to Canada. The country continues to do well in survey upon the survey. Canada has now been named the 10th most welcoming country for migrants. This comes on the back of the news that three Canadian cities are listed in the top 10 cities in the world to live in. See our blog for the full story. According to th…

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