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Canada sees the benefit of importing skills

Canada and Canadians have long realized that their immigration system is the key to the country’s economic prosperity and that without migrants the country would find it difficult to compete on the world stage. The results of a recent study supported this fact when it found that most Canadians support sensible immigration policies and understand the need to import the ski…

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Your Canadian Siblings could boost your Immigration Score

If you have a brother or sister living in Canada you could be entitled to more points on your CRS score – giving you a welcome advantage when it comes to applying for your Canadian visa.  Around a year ago Canada introduced this new aspect to their Comprehensive Ranking System that might just help give your application the nudge it needs. It helps too if you can speak …

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Top 10 Occupations that will get you a Canadian Work Visa

Ever wondered what which jobs are most likely to get you a Canadian Visa?  IT specialists? Auditors? Software Engineers? Well wonder no more!  Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) recently released fresh new statistics painting a full picture of exactly what successful Canadian Work Visa applicants looked like in 2017. According to the results candidates …

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Considering a Canadian Start-up Visa? Here’s what it is.

Canada is very interested in attracting entrepreneur migrants to their country, so interested in fact that Canada has a specially designed visa specifically aimed at convincing migrants to pack their bags and take their businesses to Canada. The reason is an obvious tried and tested recipe to improve and grow an economy.  Statistics show that migrant-owned businesses crea…

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Why Life in Canada is so much sweeter

Everyone has their reasons for immigrating.  You might be after a better career which offers you more opportunities at gaining valuable experience and a better salary.  Perhaps you just need some peace and quiet in an environment where you feel safe with an effective and respected government.  You could be considering such a big move to give your children access to excelle…

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You might benefit from Canada’s changes to health requirements for visa holders

Canadian visa applicants welcomed the news that Canada has made a number of changes to their entry health requirements making the right moves to a more inclusive immigration policy.  The changes to the health requirements for visa applicants will mean that more people now have an equal opportunity to qualify for a Canadian visa. Most countries have at least some minimum h…

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Canada Immigration: Good News for electricians, builders, welders Ontario still favours Tradies

It seems the Canadian province of Ontario has as many immigration places available for tradesmen as there are tradesmen who will apply for Canadian work visas. For a record 7th time, in as many weeks, tradesmen (and tradeswomen of course) were favoured in the province’s Express Entry draw, and tradesmen who speak French certainly had an extra edge. The Skilled Trades Str…

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Immigration identified by Bank of Canada as boon to growth prospects

A top Canadian bank said in a statement that three key areas, one of which is immigration, will boost the Canadian economy if it is well managed.  The Bank of Canada said that three areas of Canadian life have helped the country in the past and could do so again: education, immigration and trade liberalization. The bank’s official statement was that Canada could get a big…

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New Study Highlights Canada’s Need for Continued Migration

Without migrants entering the country in the numbers they currently do Canada would face economic downfall.  The country would face the effects of a weakening workforce on their economy along with the strain an aged population would place on the country’s social services. This is according to the results of a new study just released. The Conference Board of Canada (CBC) i…

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German Speakers Needed Urgently!

Image result for amazon

Amazon, an International Online E-commerce and Cloud Computing Giant Company with offices based in Cape Town, South Africa, are in search of your German language ability.

Applications can be made by sending your cv to or call 021 555 0951 and ask for Tina Stegmann, our NWI Recruitment Manager.

What is in it for you:-

Work Visa for successful a…

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