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Immigrants in Canada seventh-happiest in the world

Immigrants living in Canada are very happy. In fact, these migrants are so happy with their new country and their decision to immigrate that they have voted Canada the seventh-best place in the world to be an immigrant or expat. Canada has a long-standing reputation for being a society welcoming of immigrants and as such Canada has one of the most sophisticated immigrat…

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Canada: Another option for South African Farmers

Canada is so keen on attracting talented farmers that an immigration stream has been specifically designed to attract self-starter farmers to the Canadian bread bowl of Alberta. This visa is called the Self-Employed Farmer Stream and is available to existing farmers who are able to demonstrate their success at running their business through their financial documentation…

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Australia is considering fast-tracking visa applications for white SA Farmers

In an announcement made on 14 March Australian Minister of Home Affairs, Peter Dutton, said his department is seriously considering fast-tracking visa applications for white South African farmers who want to relocate to Australia. Come to Australia Speaking to The Daily telegraph Dutton is quoted as saying that white South African farmers should be given special attent…

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Will I be given Canadian citizenship when I marry a Canadian?

The answer might surprise some, but no, you do not gain Canadian Citizenship by marrying a Canadian citizen. Marriage to a Canadian citizen does not give you automatic citizenship. A misconception some prospective migrants, looking for an easy immigration road, might have is that by marrying a Canadian you will be granted Canadian Citizenship when in fact the only way t…

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Canadian Provinces are enticing foreign students with their ‘Study & Stay’ program

A program aimed at attracting international students to the Canadian state of Nova Scotia will be rolled out in three Atlantic Provinces as the region looks to tackle its immigrant retention problem. The program is aimed at attracting foreign students to the provinces of Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick with the aim to keep t…

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You can boost your Canadian Immigration Score

The better your score the better your chances of being selected for immigration to Canada. It is as simple as that. You might have been following our blog about how points are awarded for your qualifications and credentials when you apply for Canada’s Express Entry immigration system. Did you know you might actually be able to increase that score by meeting certain othe…

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Canada Immigration: How would you score? Here’s the Breakdown for your Partner’s Score

How would you score? Here’s the Breakdown of your Partner’s Score (Part 2 of 2) In a previous article, we looked at how Canada’s Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) awards points for every aspect of a prospective migrant’s visa application. Many factors are taken into consideration and applicants are then awarded a score based on a pre-determined point structure. Applican…

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Canada Immigration

How would you score? Here’s the Breakdown (Part 1 of 2) We looked at how Canada’s Express Entry Immigration System selects migrants based on their Comprehensive Ranking System (CCR). This breakdown will give you insight as to where points can be scored and what is considered undesirable. Your spouse’s score may be beneficial to your immigration application. If you apply…

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Canada is Making Serious Headway on Spousal Sponsorship Backlog

Canada announced that between December 2016 and February 2018 a huge backlog of Spousal Sponsorships had been addressed. The Canadian Immigration Department said that 60,000 applications had been processed – or 80% of the backlog. Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Ahmed Hussen said the achievement delivers on a government promise made in Decembe…

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Canadian Province is making it easy for Doctors to Immigrate

Never before has it been easier for doctors to immigrate to Canada than it is now. The country’s beautiful Eastern coastal city, of which Halifax is the capital, is desperately seeking general practitioners, family physicians, and specialist physicians. As such the province has created a new immigration stream to facilitate fast and easy immigration for qualifying candi…

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