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Canada Turns to Skilled Migrants to Fill Gaps in Job Market

04 October 2019 | Carlos

A fast aging work force and slow population growth has meant that Canada has had to look beyond their boarders to fill gaps in the labour market. There simply is not enough working age Canadians available to meet market needs which means Canada has to import their workforce.


It couldn’t be easier for doctors to immigrate to Canada

26 September 2019 | Carlos

One of the world’s greatest nations, with the third best health care system in the world, is looking for qualified and experienced doctors. If you are a doctor and have considered immigrating to Canada this is your golden opportunity to make it happen.


Reports say South African Farmers are Opting for Canada’s Greener Pastures

19 September 2019 | Carlos

The immigration industry says there has been a marked increase in South African farmers enquiring about life in Canada. Canada’s vastness, fertile soil, sufficient water, economic stability, stellar political reputation and access to advanced agricultural innovation and technology makes it an ideal country to establish and grow almost any kind of produce successfully.