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Light at the end of the Canadian tunnel

We have yet to see a draw for our program for 2021, but the CIC has been drawing a large number of candidates from the CEC (Canadian Experience Class – Canadian work experience) and PNP (Provincial nominations). We saw the CIC take this approach when the pandemic first hit in early 2020, focusing the draws on (mostly) onshore applicants, as these applicants do not need to …

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Canada claims title as Most Attractive Destination

According to the latest global talent report, Canada has surpassed the United States as the most appealing destination for foreign workers. The report noted that the COVID-19 pandemic played a significant role in influencing where foreign workers prefer to work. Because of the pandemic, fewer people are interested in working abroad. Only 50% of people expressed a desire…

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Top 30 Professions that Canada requires.

Candidates have managed to secure permanent residency in Canada depending on their skillset. Yes, you can read that again. A first world country will give you Permanent residency if you comply with their requirements. Now I am sure you are wondering why they would do that. Canada has a 7% unemployment rate and little of those are skilled nor do they have the right skill…

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COVID-19, Immigration will save Canada’s economy

Canada will need migrants more than ever once the Covid-19 pandemic is over and while borders are closed to travelers right now, Canada is unlikely to adjust their annual migrant intake of more than 300,000 downwards. While the coronavirus pandemic is having a devastating impact on economies around the world Canada has always heavily relied on the contribution of migran…

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18 Ways the Canadian Government is Supporting its People During Covid-19

When a crisis hits, you want to be living in a place where you can be supported. Luckily, the Canadian Government has taken some relief measures in order to assist Canada’s residents and citizens. These are just some of the relief measures that have taken by the Canadian Government to assist its citizens and residents. 1. Canada is providing up to an extra $300 per c…

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If Safety and Quality of Life Are Your Priorities You Should Move to Canada

If personal safety and improved quality of life are two reasons you have started thinking about emigrating, you should speak to your immigration consultant about Canada.  Not only did Canada rank extremely well taken second position on the rankings for Quality of Life it is, according to the US News World Report Best Countries Report for 2020, also the safest place in t…

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Canada is turning to migrants to fill critical gaps in labour market

Canadian employers are optimistic about the federal Government’s plans to attract more than 300,000 skilled migrants every year. A looming labour crisis has employers and industry worried about the effects it could have on smaller economic centers and the country as a whole.  According to new information as many as 1 in every 25 jobs in British Columbia, Canada’s Wester…

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Why is Canada so great? We've got the answers!

It’s common knowledge that Canada is a great country, but what makes it so special? Why is it that so many people are so charmed with Canada that more than 300,000 people immigrate there every year? Today we take a look at a few reasons why Canada is rated so highly. We list only some of the millions things Canada does better than the rest. 1.       Canada ranked 2nd…

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Accountants, Bookkeepers and CFO’s remain in high demand in Canada

Financial industry professionals along with accountants, bookkeepers and financial directors have historically been in demand in Canada and all indications are that these professionals will be in demand for years to come. Canada is consistently adding to their accounting industry talent pool by including thousands of qualifying Permanent Residency applicants to fill a v…

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Canada Far Away but Worth The Stay

Expats agree that although Canada is a world away, few other countries compare with the wonderful lifestyle and many opportunities the country offers. Recent interviews with 23 000 expats living in Canada showed that expats and migrants agree that their lives have improved since moving to the ‘Great White North’ - as Canada is affectionately known. They said that they …

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