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Australia’s Global Talent Visa: Could be your easiest way to Australian Residency

Growing their economy has always been a priority for the Australian Government – and it has certainly paid off.  This very young nation is one of the world’s most respected countries and it was built on the contributions made by immigrants.

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Australia still grants work visas to skilled migrants every day, but it can be a slow and tedious process which is not quite keeping up with the fast changing needs of the society it serves. Reacting to demand from Australian employers the Australian Department of Trade and Industry, in co-operation with the Department of Citizenship and Immigration designed a special visa to address some very specific skills shortages in Australia. What resulted from this collaboration is the Australian Global Talent Visa (subclass 124) – which is likely to be the quickest, and if you qualify, the easiest way to obtain Australian Residency.

A visa that makes it easy for Australian employers to access the talent they need fast.

In a press release regarding the visa, former Australian Immigration Minister, Allan Tudge, was quoted as saying, “The [Australian] Government recognises there is fierce competition globally for high-tech skills and talent, and that attracting these people helps to transfer skills to Australian workers and grow Australian-based businesses.” Minister Tudge continued, saying the Global Talent Visa provides pathways for Australian businesses to quickly access the talent needed.

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This visa is for you if you:

are younger than 55 (sometimes this requirement is waived) and can prove exceptional talent in a specific area.  This is a sponsored visa so you will have to be sponsored by ‘trusted Australian employers’ in one of two streams; established business or start up.

Benefits of this visa

  • These visa applications are processed at lightning speed and restrictions are simpler
  • This visa offers the holder much more flexibility in certain visa criteria, including access to 4 year TSS visas
  • This visa holder can apply for Australian permanent residency after just three years
  • Age isn’t a disqualifier
  • What’s great is that sponsors are not restricted to occupation lists for the TSS visa short-term or medium / long-term streams.


This visa lets you

  • permanently live and work in Australia
  • Study in Australia
  • Access Medicare and other social benefits
  • Bring your family with you
  • Apply for Australian Citizenship


The applicant must:

  • meet health, character and security requirements
  • have no familial relationship with directors/shareholders of their employer
  • hold qualifications that match with their highly skilled role
  • prove at least 3 years work experience directly relevant to the position
  • have the capacity to pass on skills/develop Australians
  • meet Australia’s minimum annual earning requirements for the position

Source: Australian Department of Trade and Industry, Australian Immigration and Citizenship

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