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Why You should set your sights towards Down Under

Migrating to Australia is becoming a more appealing option for an increasing number of people. Many people from Southeast Asia, the United Kingdom, and South Africa have considered relocating to Australia for a variety of reasons, with many of them hearing from friends who already live there that the country offers numerous opportunities. As a developed country with a g…

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Australia's Skilled Occupation List 2021-2022

If you have been thinking about moving your life to Australia, you will also know that you will have to be granted a visa which allows you to legally work and live Down Under. To be eligible for an Australian work visa, you will have to meet a number of immigration criteria and your occupation should be listed on Australia’s Skilled Occupations List. Below is the list o…

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South African Family Tells Their Story Of Making The Switch to Australia

In part one of this two-part blog we met the Vosloo family who moved to Australia on a 482 Employer Sponsored Visa. The Vosloo’s adjusted well as immigrants in Australia and are enjoying putting their roots down. In part one we shared the start of Eugene, his wife Louise and their 7 year-old son Laurens’ emigration from South African to Portland, a city 362km South of Mel…

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South African Family Shares their Story of Emigrating to Australia

“We should have emigrated sooner,” so says a South African who recently emigrated to Australia on work visa. We caught up with Eugene Vosloo and his family who, in 2019, emigrated to Australia.  They shared their tips and told us about the whole emigration experience.  In the first of this two-part series we get to know the Vosloo Family and hear about their adjustment to…

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Medical Personnel, Builders, IT Buffs and other Jobs that will get you Aussie Residency

Foreigners skilled as medical professionals, information technology experts and experienced builders are more likely than anyone else to be invited to apply for permanent residency in Australia.  Skilled workers in these fields are in such short supply that the Australia government is giving visa and residency applicants with these expertise preference. The Australian F…

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The Covid-19 Lockdown might actually get you into Australia!

Australia’s Covid-19 lockdown regulations might actually be creating a gap for you to emigrate there soon. Yes, we know, no one has really been able to get into Australia for over a year now… That’s true.  What this also means is that the Aussie skills challenge is growing larger and more acute with every passing day. Australian employers are already knocking on parliament…

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Why are South African’s choosing Australia?

The Australian Department of Home Affairs have released their migration data for 2019/2020. How many South African’s do you think have migrated to Australia in the past year? South Africa being in the top 10 list of migrants into Australia for 2019/2020. Australia welcomed 3 743 households from South Africa. Why are South African’s migrating to Australia? Opportunity: …

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Top 30 Professions that Australia requires

Candidates have managed to secure temporary residency in Australia depending on their skillset. Yes, you can read that again. A first world country will give you residency if you comply with their requirements. Now I am sure you are wondering why they would do that. Australia has a 6.9% unemployment rate and little of those are skilled nor do they have the right skills.…

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The secret to your business’ potential

Have you ever considered the benefits of expanding your business? New World Immigration can show you unfathomable potential in Australia. Australia is looking for business prospects that will grow and benefit their economy. In exchange will have access to a safe, stable, and diverse lifestyle with a prosperous future for your business and your family. Australia is an attra…

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Foreign business owners looking at Australia

First off it is important to understand what exactly is meant by the term ‘State Nomination’ and why it is of any importance to the prospective immigrant. State Nomination refers to when states actively participate in the skilled and business visa programs in order to ensure that regional shortages are correctly fulfilled. This also allows states to attract the right candi…

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