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Why are South African’s choosing Australia?

The Australian Department of Home Affairs have released their migration data for 2019/2020. How many South African’s do you think have migrated to Australia in the past year? South Africa being in the top 10 list of migrants into Australia for 2019/2020. Australia welcomed 3 743 households from South Africa. Why are South African’s migrating to Australia? Opportunity: …

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Top 30 Professions that Australia requires

Candidates have managed to secure temporary residency in Australia depending on their skillset. Yes, you can read that again. A first world country will give you residency if you comply with their requirements. Now I am sure you are wondering why they would do that. Australia has a 6.9% unemployment rate and little of those are skilled nor do they have the right skills.…

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The secret to your business’ potential

Have you ever considered the benefits of expanding your business? New World Immigration can show you unfathomable potential in Australia. Australia is looking for business prospects that will grow and benefit their economy. In exchange will have access to a safe, stable, and diverse lifestyle with a prosperous future for your business and your family. Australia is an attra…

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Foreign business owners looking at Australia

First off it is important to understand what exactly is meant by the term ‘State Nomination’ and why it is of any importance to the prospective immigrant. State Nomination refers to when states actively participate in the skilled and business visa programs in order to ensure that regional shortages are correctly fulfilled. This also allows states to attract the right candi…

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Australia's Business Immigration Program is inviting smaller businesses to help boost their economy

Jayden is a South African entrepreneur holding his fledgling business together through family support and savings. The South African lockdown, necessary as it was, has hit his business hard and expansion is a mirage on the horizon. Jayden is surviving in his present situation and foreign news has floated by him unnoticed. I mean, why shouldn’t it? Prosperous budget reports…

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Australia: Temporary Changes to Temporary Visas due to COVID-19

A press release issued by Australia’s immigration minister gives some idea of temporary changes Australia is making to their short term visas affected by the regulations associated with Covid-19 pandemic. “The Government is making a number of changes to temporary visa holder arrangements during the coronavirus crisis in order to protect the health and livelihoods of Aus…

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Australia’s Global Talent Visa: Could be your easiest way to Australian Residency

Growing their economy has always been a priority for the Australian Government – and it has certainly paid off.  This very young nation is one of the world’s most respected countries and it was built on the contributions made by immigrants. Australia still grants work visas to skilled migrants every day, but it can be a slow and tedious process which is not quite keepin…

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The 491 Visa Could Get You Into Australia In Less Than Six Weeks

How quickly can you pack?  If you qualify for Australia’s 491 Skilled Visa through State or Territory nomination, you could get your hands on an Australian visa as quickly as five weeks from now, once you have received your approval by being nominated by an Australian State or Territory! You will then receive your final visa invitation to apply for the 491 Skilled Visa. …

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The 491 visa could be your easiest and fastest way into Australia

Australia has recently launched a brand new 5-year visa which is custom designed to attract special skills and talent needed to grow and develop the Australian regional areas. This visa allocates almost 42,000 new visa places a year, exclusively to applicants who are happy to live work and study in the Australian regional areas for a short while.  More than 500 occupati…

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Migrants do very well in Australia

A new study on the social benefit versus the cost of migrants has revealed that migrants are mostly better qualified and educated than many Australians.  Typically, migrants add diversity to the Australian society and seem to successfully integrate with local communities will bringing with them much needed skills and experience from which the Australian society benefits. …

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