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South Africans under Top-10 most successful Australian visa applicants

09 May 2019 | Carlos

New data shows that migrants from South Africa are some of the most successful Australian visa applicants. In fact South Africa placed 8th on the rankings of countries for migrants entering Australia. Statistic data compiled by the Australian Bureau of Statistics support this finding. We looked at the profile of the typical South African migrant in Australia, and we must admit, it’s no wonder Saffas, as South Africans are affectionately known in Australia, are so popular.


Australian Visas: You have new options!

06 May 2019 | Carlos

In November 2019 skilled professionals interested in immigrating to Australia will have access to two additional visas. These visas are designed to address the skills shortage currently experienced in regional Australia. What’s very exciting is that both these visa will enjoy preference processing which means your Aussie dream could be realized sooner than you thought!


Tradesmen are now among the highest earners in Australia

25 April 2019 | Carlos

A lack of available qualified and experienced tradesmen has meant that tradesmen are now officially the most employable of all professional occupations in Australia. Tradesmen, being in such high demand, command excellent fees and are in some cases now officially out earning doctors in Australia.