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The New World Immigration Blog provides you with a platform to conveniently gain access to recent news and insightful advice with relation to visa application and immigration information. This blog aims to provide useful content for anyone or business company interested in immigrating to South Africa or Australia. Be open to use this space to comment and share your thoughts on uploaded posts.

Australia owes its growth to the Immigrants

22 November 2018 | Carlos

Migrants have never been more important to Australia than they are right now. The country heavily relies on the skills and assets immigrants take into Australia with them to ensure the country’s economy remains recession free – as it has been since June 1994.


Aussies are the wealthiest people on Earth

10 December 2018 | Carlos

Life in Australia seems to be great and only getting better. Besides being one of the world’s happiest, and most progressive countries it seems that Aussies can now also lay claim to being the richest on the planet.


New Study Highlights Canada’s Need for Continued Migration

18 May 2018 | admin

Without migrants entering the country in the numbers they currently do Canada would face economic downfall. The country would face the effects of a weakening workforce on their economy along with the strain an aged population would place on the country’s social services. This is according to the results of a new study just released.


Canada has nearly 400,000 vacant jobs and not enough local talent to fill it

23 October 2018 | Carlos

One of the outflows of a strong growing economy is job creation. Canada is doing so well that 400,000 jobs have been created as a direct result of the country’s economic growth. While more jobs than workers to fill them might sound like a nice problem to have – compared to South Africa’s reversed situation – it could result in the stagnation of the economy and do a lot of harm.