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The USA’s EB-5 visa could be your quickest path to residency in the States

12 July 2018 | Carlos

America’s EB-5 visa could be the best and quickest way of securing your American Green Card. This visa, which is specifically designed to attract foreign investment to America, is increasing in popularity on a daily basis and it’s not hard to see why. By applying for an EB-5 foreign nationals chasing the American Dream now have a straight forward, uncomplicated and almost guaranteed entry into the USA with the right to live, work, conduct business and even study there.


The USA’s EB-5 visa is still your best and quickest path to America

28 August 2018 | Carlos

A growing concern about the effects and execution of land expropriation plans, a failing educational system being held hostage by students claiming ‘fees must fall’, daily violent protesting and the destruction of infrastructure – even burning down police stations – is leaving South Africans awkwardly perched on the edge of their seats unsure of what to expect next.