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ICT Occupations, among others, needed in South Africa

With so many people working from home and most businesses needing to be more innovative with the way they operate as a result of the pandemic, demand in certain industries is currently booming in South Africa. IT, business management and finance sectors are undoubtedly the most sought-after, followed by the sales, admin, office support and architecture & engineering…

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What Would These Positive Changes to the Express Entry System Mean?

Hints at a possible overhaul in how the Express Entry system is used to select applicants and invite them to apply for Canadian permanent residence have been suggested in the Canadian Government's Budget 2021. What is the Express Entry System? The Express Entry system has been organizing and processing applications for people who want to immigrate to Canada since 2015.…

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Plans underway for International Students, Actors and Major Event Workers to enter Victoria

The state of Victoria is vying to welcome back international students and workers next month as part of a state government plan to support the COVID-19 economic recovery. The proposal calls for the state to accept 120 arrivals per week beginning May 24, including international students and workers for major events or stage/screen productions. The arrivals would be housed…

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Calling All Advertising and Marketing Specialists

Are you in advertising or marketing? One of the Authorised Australian Assessing Authorities has proposed beginning the issuing of digital badges to all applicants within a certain field of expertise who receive a successful Skills Assessment. What are digital badges? A digital badge is a web-enabled version of an applicant's credential evaluation that can be verified onl…

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NEW Australian visa changes coming this July

The number of streams in the Australian Business Innovation and Investment Programme will be cut in half, and all applicants will have clearer paths to permanent Australian residency. The Australian Business Innovation and Investment Programme will be reduced to four streams beginning July 1, 2021: Business Innovation, Entrepreneur, Investor, and Significant Investor. …

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Canada claims top spot as best country in the world

Canada has won first place in the annual Best Countries Report for 2021. Canada has been named the world's best country overall for the first time in the study's six-year history, dethroning incumbent Switzerland, which has held the title since 2017. The Best Countries Report is a yearly ranking published by US News & World Report, BAV Group, and the University of Pe…

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Canada is introducing six new immigration programs

This May, six new pathways to permanent residency will be available to essential workers, international student graduates, and French speakers in Canada. On April 14, Canada's immigration minister, Marco Mendicino, announced the new programs. Three of the new programs will allow 90,000 new immigrants to obtain permanent residency this year. The new programs will be ava…

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The ‘upper hand’ of having a Skills Assessment for Australia

‘I would like employment prior to even starting a visa process’. We hear this every day and completely respect that! For some it is the only route in and for others it is what they want, who are we to argue?! The issue here is that majority of people wanting to immigrate are not aware of what governments and employers want and need, anyone can apply for a job BUT what wil…

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Why You should set your sights towards Down Under

Migrating to Australia is becoming a more appealing option for an increasing number of people. Many people from Southeast Asia, the United Kingdom, and South Africa have considered relocating to Australia for a variety of reasons, with many of them hearing from friends who already live there that the country offers numerous opportunities. As a developed country with a g…

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Light at the end of the Canadian tunnel

We have yet to see a draw for our program for 2021, but the CIC has been drawing a large number of candidates from the CEC (Canadian Experience Class – Canadian work experience) and PNP (Provincial nominations). We saw the CIC take this approach when the pandemic first hit in early 2020, focusing the draws on (mostly) onshore applicants, as these applicants do not need to …

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