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The ‘upper hand’ of having a Skills Assessment for Australia

‘I would like employment prior to even starting a visa process’. We hear this every day and completely respect that! For some it is the only route in and for others it is what they want, who are we to argue?! The issue here is that majority of people wanting to immigrate are not aware of what governments and employers want and need, anyone can apply for a job BUT what wil…

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Why You should set your sights towards Down Under

Migrating to Australia is becoming a more appealing option for an increasing number of people. Many people from Southeast Asia, the United Kingdom, and South Africa have considered relocating to Australia for a variety of reasons, with many of them hearing from friends who already live there that the country offers numerous opportunities. As a developed country with a g…

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Light at the end of the Canadian tunnel

We have yet to see a draw for our program for 2021, but the CIC has been drawing a large number of candidates from the CEC (Canadian Experience Class – Canadian work experience) and PNP (Provincial nominations). We saw the CIC take this approach when the pandemic first hit in early 2020, focusing the draws on (mostly) onshore applicants, as these applicants do not need to …

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Australia's Skilled Occupation List 2021-2022

If you have been thinking about moving your life to Australia, you will also know that you will have to be granted a visa which allows you to legally work and live Down Under. To be eligible for an Australian work visa, you will have to meet a number of immigration criteria and your occupation should be listed on Australia’s Skilled Occupations List. Below is the list of …

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Canada claims title as Most Attractive Destination

According to the latest global talent report, Canada has surpassed the United States as the most appealing destination for foreign workers. The report noted that the COVID-19 pandemic played a significant role in influencing where foreign workers prefer to work. Because of the pandemic, fewer people are interested in working abroad. Only 50% of people expressed a desire…

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Why using an Immigration Consultancy is absolutely Vital

Whoever said that immigration is a piece of cake clearly paid an arm and a leg for the slice. The immigration process is incredibly case specific to the point that if it is not handled properly, it can immediately end with a negative outcome. Today, we discuss the reasons why you, as a person or as an organisation, should make use of an immigration consultancy for all the …

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Where is Skilled Immigration at this point in time?

‘Where is skilled immigration at this point in time?’ That is the number one question we are being asked on a daily basis and rightfully so, a global pandemic took its grip on an already fractured global community and shook us to the core, everyone is just that little bit more sceptical! The two countries hosting skilled programs being Australia and Canada, have both been…

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USA Needs Migrants Says Biden, Lifting Trump’s Visa Ban

Good news for anyone planning on getting their American temporary residency visa is that the visa imposed by the former US President has been overturned. Recent media reports confirmed that the ban on work visas instituted by Donald Trump has since been lifted by his successor Joe Biden.  Trump ordered a ban on US employment-based visas (green cards) shortly after the c…

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South African Family Tells Their Story Of Making The Switch to Australia

In part one of this two-part blog we met the Vosloo family who moved to Australia on a 482 Employer Sponsored Visa. The Vosloo’s adjusted well as immigrants in Australia and are enjoying putting their roots down. In part one we shared the start of Eugene, his wife Louise and their 7 year-old son Laurens’ emigration from South African to Portland, a city 362km South of Mel…

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South African Family Shares their Story of Emigrating to Australia

“We should have emigrated sooner,” so says a South African who recently emigrated to Australia on work visa. We caught up with Eugene Vosloo and his family who, in 2019, emigrated to Australia.  They shared their tips and told us about the whole emigration experience.  In the first of this two-part series we get to know the Vosloo Family and hear about their adjustment to…

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