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The New World Immigration Blog provides you with a platform to conveniently gain access to recent news and insightful advice with relation to visa application and immigration information. This blog aims to provide useful content for anyone or business company interested in immigrating to South Africa or Australia. Be open to use this space to comment and share your thoughts on uploaded posts.

Move to South Africa, Be with your Loved One

In a long-distance relationship, and longing to be with your loved one in South Africa? If you’re in a solid relationship with a South African citizen or permanent resident, why not apply for the Life Partner Visa and move to the warm shores of South Africa? If you don’t know where to start, I can help. Maybe you think the process is complicated, maybe you keep thinking y…

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How to Apply for a General Work Permit for South Africa

This specific type of permit is only valid for the duration of your employment. In order to apply for a general work permit, you will need to have the following documentation ready. Your application form that has been signed by yourself A valid passport The prescribed fee for application A vaccination certificate – if you are required to have one Proof that you have…

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New Immigration Laws for South Africa - 2014

The latest changes to the Immigration Regulations were made on the 16th May 2014 to be implemented on the 26th May 2014. The following changes were made: Changes to the validity periods on the Intra Company ( now 4 years ) and Business Visa ( now 3 years ) You will not be allowed to change your status to another visa whilst in South Africa on a visit visa. You will no…

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Why you should use an Immigration Expert

Why you Should use an Immigration Expert Trying to navigate your way through the South African Immigration environment is not the easiest of tasks. Many people who intend moving here find that they end up frustrated with the Department of Home Affairs.   Why Does This Happen? •    The officials do not always give you the advice that you need to have in order to plan th…

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The Dingos Got My Baby


Australia has a booming economy and its population is growing.  But Australia is still a wild place.

In 1980, Lindy Chamberlain and her husband went camping with their infant daughter Azaria  in Ayers Rock. Known as Uluru, this is a National Park in Central Australia. This is a huge sandstone rock formation and is a famous landmark of Australia.  Tragedy stuck when Lin…

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Immigration Policy - Open or Closed?

Immigration Policy – Open or Closed? It is no secret that South Africa needs more skilled workers. The education system that is currently in place is not producing the number of skilled workers that is needed.  Having an open policy in place would encourage people to get the necessary skills training. Skills security is what is desperately needed in South Africa. The day…

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Why does Australia have so many skill shortages?

The question on everyone’s lips when looking at Australia is “why does Australia have so many skill shortages?” In the past few years much debate has been centred on the fact that there is need to bring in foreign workers to fill these gaps. To most of us this sounds too good to be true as we face employment challenges in our home countries on a daily basis and it is almos…

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How to Apply for a Study Permit for South Africa

Want to get an Education in South Africa? International students who are looking to study in South Africa need to meet certain requirements before they are allowed to do so. Information is the key to success! Here are the basic guidelines for becoming a student in SA. Who has the Information About Study Permits? As with all countries, you will need to get a study permit…

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Australian Immigration Seminar - JHB and Cape Town Feb 2014

New World Immigration together with KWS Migration in Australia are hosting an Immigration Seminar in Johannesburg and Cape Town. The seminar will concentrate on Skilled Migration, Work Permits, Family Permits and Investor Permits for Australia. Dates and Times: 17th February in Cape Town at the Albow Center, Hatfield Street 19th February in Johannesburg at the Killarney…

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Cruise Ship Scams - Be Aware!

NWI warns applicants to lookout for Cruise-ship employment scamsCruise-ship employment scams seem to be very popular these days. Not a week goes by without New World Immigration receiving a call regarding this. These scamsters unfortunately use the names of legitimate cruise-liners and companies, to lure unsuspecting applicants into parting with their hard earned money an…

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How to Apply for PR in South Africa

Thinking Of Immigrating to South Africa? If you are planning a move to South Africa, there are a few things that you should pay close attention too with regards to application procedures and requirements. In order to immigrate to South Africa, you will need to acquire a permanent residence permit. If you only wish to reside in South Africa temporarily, one can apply for a…

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Australia Skilled Immigration Points – the Questions That you Need to Answer

Australia Skilled Immigration Points – the Questions That you Need to Answer If you are trying to figure out what your chances are for getting a permanent residency visa for lovely Australia, then take a look at the questions that you will be asked regarding the points system that is used to calculate if you score the required amount of points to qualify. You will curren…

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Visa Exempt Countries

Travellers from the following countries are allowed 90 days on entry into South Africa African Union Laissez Passer Andorra Argentina Australia  Austria Belgium Botswana  Brazil Canada Chile (only ordinary passport holders) Czech Republic Denmark Ecuador Finland France Germany (except in diplomatic staff due to assume duty at the Embassy and Consulates of…

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Spousal visas, what that they are and how to get them

Wondering how to get your hands on a South African spousal visa? The blog reveals all! Apply for a South African spousal visa and this enables you to migrate to South Africa and live and work in the country. As long as your husband, wife or partner is a permanent citizen of the country you can apply for a visa based on your relationship. Getting your hands on a spousal vi…

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How to be successful with an Australia Visa Application

If you have specific job skills and fancy living and working in a different country, Australia is looking for skilled people at the moment. Match your experience and qualifications to the skills that are desperately needed in Australia at the moment and a new job in Perth or Sydney might not be such a pipedream. Just read this article for advice on how to apply for a visa …

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