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Australia will always need more migrants

It’s no secret that Australia needs to supplement their workforce in order to stay competitive. New research once again highlights the country’s need for young skilled migrants or the world’s 4th best country risks slipping from their position. Figures show that migrants have a direct positive effect on the employment of Australians too. Employment grew by 810,000 peopl…

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Aussie visa price increases came into effect this week

Every year on the 1st of July the Australian government announces changes in their Visa Application Charges (VACs).  This year is no different and visa applicants can expect to pay around 7.75 per cent more for most visa starting Monday, 1st July 2019. Making the decision to immigrate and applying for a visa can be a drawn out process.  For this reason we suggest that if y…

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Looking for a Job in Australia? Why you MUST have a Skills Assessment in place before

In short, having a Skills Assessment done prior to you looking for work abroad means you are putting yourself miles ahead of candidates who have not gotten this step done.  Having it done in advance saves you and your prospective employer a lot of time and frustration. Statistics show that 98% of applications made to prospective employers in Australia WITHOUT skills assess…

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In lock-down? Invest that time into applying for your Visa or Permanent Residency.

If you, like scores of South Africans, are diligently staying at home during the national lock-down, now might be the perfect opportunity to take the time to prep your documents and start your Australia/USA/Canada Visa or Permanent Residency Application. South Africa’s 3-week long Covid-19 lock-down presents a number of frustrations along with the fears and uncertaintie…

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Canada and Australia Take the Lead in COVID-19 Response

Most of the world’s major players have come up with very aggressive plans to deal with the international COVID-19 pandemic. After the European Union and Asia had failed to act expeditiously Canada and Australia too were among the countries who took a zero tolerance approach to the virus investing billions of dollars, resources and thousands of man-hours to limit the effect…

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Australia or Canada? We compared the stats

Are you ready to immigrate but unsure of where to go?  We have compared statistics from two of the most popular countries for South African emigrants; Australia and Canada. Statistics published by NationMaster allows you to compare statistics of 164 countries and covers every conceivable element of life in that country, helping prospective migrants makes the best choice…

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Canada Turns to Skilled Migrants to Fill Gaps in Job Market

A fast aging work force and slow population growth has meant that Canada has had to look beyond their boarders to fill gaps in the labour market.  There simply is not enough working age Canadians available to meet market needs which means Canada has to import their workforce. This creates a wonderful opportunity for anyone interested in immigrating to Canada! As Canada…

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Millennials say Australia and Canada are among the best places on the planet to live

Millennials have rated both Australia and Canada very high in the most recent Working Millennials Index.  In fact Australia is ranked the 3rd best place to live and work on the planet with Canada only a short head behind in 4th spot. Created by Silver Swan Recruitment, the index measures the best destinations worldwide for young people to live and work by looking at: un…

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It couldn’t be easier for doctors to immigrate to Canada

One of the world’s greatest nations, with the third best health care system in the world, is looking for qualified and experienced doctors. If you are a doctor and have considered immigrating to Canada this is your golden opportunity to make it happen. In an effort to meet the growing demand for physicians certain Canadian provinces have launched special visas that offe…

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Reports say South African Farmers are Opting for Canada’s Greener Pastures

The immigration industry says there has been a marked increase in South African farmers enquiring about life in Canada.  Canada’s vastness, fertile soil, sufficient water, economic stability, stellar political reputation and access to advanced agricultural innovation and technology makes it an ideal country to establish and grow almost any kind of produce successfully. …

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