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Make Sure You Use a Credible Immigration Service

South Africans have lost their immigration money and in some cases their life savings to immigration fraudsters.  Desperate for a better future to escape crime and corruption, South Africans who were considering immigrating to Canada were swindled out of thousands of Rands with promises of jobs and visas in Canada.  This serves as a reminder that if something sounds too go…

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Canada is looking to migrants to fill half a million vacant jobs

Interesting statistics released by StatCan suggested that Canada may have to turn to migrants to manage a huge labour crisis the country is facing.  In the first quarter of the year more than half a million jobs were unoccupied and Canada is now even more focused on their target of introducing a million migrants to their economy every year for the next few years. Accord…

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Do I need a Skills Assessment if I am applying for Canadian immigration?

If you are planning on immigrating to Canada you will need to have a proper Skills Assessment done.  Canada employs a point-based immigration system – the more points you have the better your chances of being invited to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency.  One way of making sure you get those valuable points is by making sure your qualification is recognized and accred…

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South African skills very much in demand overseas

South Africans, with the right skillset, have never found it very difficult to immigrate to Australia or Canada.  South Africans are known for their strong work ethic and excellent experience in a very challenging environment.   With growing local difficulties and fewer opportunities it is not only university graduates that are pulling up roots and moving overseas but al…

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I’m Emigrating to Australia, Do I Need a Skills Assessment?

Yes, you do and it is best not to waste any time starting the process! Obtaining a suitable skills assessment is mandatory for most visas and may be requested for others; we suggest that all our clients have it done as a valid skills assessment will give any job or visa applicant a massive edge over someone who hasn’t started the process yet.  In fact we encourage clients…

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Canada rated best country for migrants

Addressing a negative population growth has meant that Canada has been welcoming migrants to their country for many years.  The Canadian government’s aggressive plan to populate the world’s second largest country has seen them committing to issuing more than a million visa and residency permits in a three year-span.  A new survey published by US News said that based on …

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Expired Visas and Residency Permits to Remain Valid During Lockdown

Holders of expired (or soon to be expired) Visas and Residency Permits will retain their rights as stipulated in their visa without the risk of being penalized. Visa holders will be able to apply for visas if they have expired just before or during the nation-wide lockdown said the South African Department of Home Affairs in a statement. Temporary measures were introduc…

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Crossing South African borders could soon be much quicker

A streamlined passport and visa processing system is set to be introduced at four South African border posts which will see the end to excessively long ques especially during peak traveling periods like Easter and Christmas. Announced last week the Department of Home Affairs’ Aaron Motsoaledi confirmed that work has started on a new border system which will make it easi…

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Emigration inquiries soar as South Africans investigate their options

“Looking for a better future” is the number one reason given by South Africans interested in emigrating. Qualified engineers and experienced teachers were responsible for more than half of all immigration inquiries received by New World Immigration. Almost 20 000 South African families expressed their interest in immigrating to Australia but interestingly it was Canada …

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Emigration queries rose sharply in 2019

Immigration experts all agree that there has been a marked increase in the number of emigration queries they received in 2019. Some immigration lawyers say that there has been a 70 per cent increase in South Africans, from all backgrounds, requesting information about their emigration options and that many of these queries are motivated by a need to guarantee an improve…

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