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Get off your Dispensation Permit Now - Message for our Zimbabwean Clients

Overview of Dispensation Permit for Zimbabweans Almost four years ago, the South African government issued Dispensation permits to Zimbabweans who wanted to legally reside in South Africa and work. The permits were issued to deal with the growing number of illegal immigrants coming from this region. Four years are almost up and Zimbabwean nationals are waiting …

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Schooling in SA

A parent's guide to schooling in South Africa Once you have decided to immigrate to South Africa, there are most likely many questions going through your mind such as; how old must my child be? Am I able to educate my child at home? How do the grades work in this country? What documents will I need to provide the school with? If you have answered YES to any of these quest…

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The process involved in the development of the National Scarce Skills List

The process involved in the development of the National Scarce Skills List The Department of Labour prepared the National Scarce Skills List after obtaining data from SETA Sector Skills Plan. Several other government departments contributed information and resources. The Department of Home Affairs, Trade and Industry, Science and Technology and Public Enterprises were all…

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The New Scarce Skills Visa for South Africa

Some Insight into the Scarce Skill Visa that will be taking over Soon The scarce skills visa will soon be replacing the quota and exceptional skills visas that are currently in place. This article’s purpose is to shed a little light on what you can expect from this new type of visa, what the requirements and so forth will be in order to apply for this particul…

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Small towns in South Africa worth visiting

Four Small towns in South Africa worth visiting Are you immigrating to South Africa, but do not want to live in a busy town? Are you looking for somewhere that is calm and relaxed every day of the year? There are some really lovely little towns scattered throughout SA. Here are few to get you going. Sutherland Sutherland is famous for super cold weather in winter and br…

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Applying for a Tourist Visa Extension

The rules and regulations regarding visa extensions in South Africa Should you wish to apply for a visa extension, you will need to do so thirty days before your current visa expires. Most visitors are issued with a visa that lasts for 90 days when they arrive. Should a tourist want to stay in the country for a longer period of time, they will need to apply for a touris…

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Getting to Know your Aussie Isms

Getting to Know your Aussie Isms   Australians don’t really sweat the small stuff and they don’t do road rage. They will talk themselves down and admit their faults before anyone else gets the chance. They probably have a pair of home thongs and a pair for going out.  They are known to be very open and sports mad. They probably feel that a four burner Barbie is all y…

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The Didgeridoo

The Didgeridoo was invented about 1500 years ago. This has always been a traditional Aboriginal instrument. For those who are unfamiliar with this interesting instrument, it is best described as a wooden trumpet. It is believed that it was invented in Northern Australia. There are also rock paintings dating back to at least 1000 years, which depict this amazing instrument…

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New Submission Centres for SA Visas/Permits

Interactive Session between the Department of Home Affairs, FIPSA ( Federation of Immigration Practitioners of South Africa ) and Representatives from VFS Friday 7th March 2014 - Home Affairs Head Office Pretoria by Robbie Ragless The session held was primarily for Immigration Practitioners and was intended to introduce VFS and her new role. As you all might kno…

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Non Resident and Resident Bank Accounts

The process involved with opening a bank account in South Africa Residents and non-residents are able to set up a South African bank account. In order to open up a bank account in SA, you need to be over the age of 18. SA nationals will need to provide some type of official identification when applying.   Obtaining a resident bank account Foreign nationals will need to…

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Cost of Living in South Africa

The Cost of Living in South Africa Once you have made the decision to immigrate to South Africa, it might be beneficial to you if you have a better idea of what things are going to cost you when you get here. There is always the chance that you could run into someone who might try to take advantage of the fact that you are foreign, where they try to charge you more than y…

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Where to Study in South Africa

Where to Further your Studies in South Africa Are you planning on immigrating to South Africa or are you thinking of coming over on a student visa? If so, you will need to decide where you want to further your studies before you get here. South Africa has some of the best universities on the entire content, which makes choosing the right one for you a difficult task. Lis…

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Retire next to one of South Africa’s Top 10 Beaches

Retire next to one of South Africa’s Top 10 Beaches What could be better than spending your golden years living next to crystal blue waters of one of South Africa’s most popular beaches? Are you considering immigrating to South Africa for the purpose of retiring here and do you enjoy the idea of waking up to the sound of waves crashing outside your window? Here is a li…

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Portugal Golden Visa

What is the Portugal Golden Visa? It has been in effect since 2012 and is a very straightforward and flexible option for foreigners who want their EU residency.  This is a foreign investor visa. Think of it as a yellow brick road to an attractive lifestyle, great weather, safety, and all the European Union has to offer. Non EU citizens can fast track to receiving a 5 year…

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Australian Beer

Australians always seem very relax and happy, this could be due to the fact that Australians drink an average on 110 Litres of beer per year. They are ranked about 4th in the world currently. Don’t be surprised if your neighbour invites you around for a barbie and a couple of tinnies . (Tinnies is a slang word for beer in a can, tin/tinnies). Cascade Brewery in Tasmania…

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Requirements for a Permanent Residency Permit

South African Permanent Residence Permit – Requirements Foreign nationals must be able to prove that they have lived in South Africa for a minimum period of five years and that they have a valid visa before they will be allowed to apply for permanent residence in SA. If you are married to a South African citizen, you will need to have been married for no less than five ye…

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Shedding his Load - By Sean Kupferberg

So the story in South Africa is as follows.. We are experiencing Load shedding which is causing us not being able to use Computers or Phones, causing Billions of Rands being lost. Communication is down in half the areas in South Africa and as well as running water. Strikes keep happening left right and centre which brings down our GDP and inflation to sky rocket into t…

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South African Passport Renewal Forms

South African Passport Renewal Forms Can you apply for a South African passport? Only a South African citizen can apply for a SA passport.  You need to have been born in South Africa or you need to have been issued with South African citizenship by naturalization. If you are over the age of 21 and have another citizenship issued to you before 1994 without getting dual ci…

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Business Permit / Visa Requirements

Business Permit requirements - South Africa If you are planning on opening a business in South Africa, there are some requirements that you will need to meet in order to qualify and be considered for a business permit. Here are the basics of applying for this type of permit. It is advisable that you consult with an immigration expert who can assist you with the process. …

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