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Critical Skills Visa South Africa– Boilermaker 2014

The critical skills visa/permit has replaced the Quota permit and Exceptional Skills permit since the implementation of the new immigration regulations of 2014. The critical skills visa for South Africa allows applicants who are featured on the critical skills list to qualify for this visa. Boilermakers or metal fabricators are featured on the critical skills list which ha…

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Skilled Zimbabweans look for work elswhere

Historically South Africa has been the destination of many workers from the rest of Africa and from the rest of the world. It is believed that as much as 7% of SA’s workforce is economic migrants. According to figures release by Stats SA more than 38% of workers in gold mines are non-South African citizens and more than 22% of mine workers in all sectors hail from Botswana…

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Immigration Directive NO 22 of 2014

The Deputy Director-General of Home Affairs Jackie McKay issued a new directive on the 24th of October 2014 pertaining to the critical skills visa requirements. The Department of Home Affairs has recently under the new immigration regulations of 2014, introduced the critical skills visa which aims to fill the gap of skill shortages in South Africa. Home Affairs publishe…

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Critical Skills List – Automotive Motor Mechanic

If you’re thinking of immigrating to SA and wondering which visa you qualify for? Well, look no further than the new critical skills visa which has been introduced by the Department of Home Affairs. This visa allows principal applicants the right to live and work in SA for a period of 5 years. The critical skills visa allows the main applicant to add immediate family membe…

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Australian inspectors now checking if employers meet immigration laws

Australian inspectors now checking if employers meet immigration lawsAccording to a recent report, Fair Work inspectors are now checking the immigration status of employees. An amendment to the Migration Act passed in 2013, makes it an offence for Australian employers to employ a person who does not have work rights in Australia. It is very important that employers carry o…

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5 Handy Tips for Automotive Electricians applying for a Critical Skills Visa

Applying for any South African work visa can be a very frustrating and lengthy process, especially if you’re not familiar with the new immigration regulations for 2014. Request a free assessment with New World Immigration to find out if you qualify for a critical skills visa. Automotive electricians are in high demand in South Africa and the Department of Home Affairs i…

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Zimbabwean Special Permit shams on the increase as the scramble for permit begin

It was reported this weekend that more than 200,000 Zimbabweans living and working is South Africa run the risk of falling victim to bogus immigration agents as the countdown begins to the deadline of obtaining South Africa’s new Zimbabwean Special Permits.

Zimbabwean Special Permit Shams On The Increase As The Scramble For Permit Begin

But organization representing the Zimbabwean community in South Africa have warned that they receive daily complain…

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Which South African Visas are being applied for?

Which South African Visas Are Being Applied For

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Australia leads in world migration numbers

Figures released earlier this week indicates that the number of people arriving in Australian from India jumped 60% in the year to 10,287, overtaking China as the third-largest source of long-term arrivals. Westpac senior economist Felix Delbruck expected immigration to peak at 55,000 in the first half of next year as a weak Australian labour market kept departures to A…

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Air Conditioning and Mechanical Services Plumber – Critical Skills Visa South Africa

The Department of Home Affairs in June 2014 under the new immigration regulations published the critical skills list which aims to assist employers in finding suitable foreign candidates in certain emerging sectors such as: • Agriculture, Agricultural Operations and Related sciences• Architecture and the Built Environment• Business, Economics and Management Studies• Inf…

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Mining Engineering Technologists – Critical Skills List

South Africa needs highly qualified mining engineering technologists. The Department of Home Affairs has recently introduced the Critical Skills List, which allows highly qualified applicants who are currently featured on this list to apply for a critical skills visa. Applicants who qualify will be issued with a 5 year multiple entry visa to South Africa and allowing th…

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Further Visa scam warnings issued by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection

More and more migrants are being duped by visa scams – especially in the 457 skilled worker visa stream. The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection last week issued warnings that migrants were put out of pocket by unscrupulous fraudulent ‘migration agents’ operation illegally. Earlier this year New World Immigration also issued a blog with pointers on…

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Metallurgical Engineering Technologist featured on Critical Skills

Metallurgical engineering technologists and metallurgical engineers have been identified as critical skills in South Africa, which means highly qualified metallurgical engineering technologist may apply for a critical skills visa. Occupations classified as critical skills for South Africa is in high demand and in return the Department of Home Affairs is issuing critical…

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Critical Skills List South Africa – Mechanical Engineering Technologist

Mechanical Engineering Technologists is featured on the critical skills list for South Africa, which might qualify you for a critical skills visa. If you are currently employed as a mechanical engineering technologist, then you need to meet the following requirements: - Register with a professional accredited body in South Africa and show proof of registration. - All …

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Survey hopes to establish what is expected of Australian Immigration

An annual survey by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection undertakes to compile a set of suggestions whereby the migration programme can best support Australian’s economic goals and partnerships with foreign investors.

Survey Hopes To Establish What Is Expected Of Australian Immigration

For the purpose of this survey people from around the world are being asked their thoughts on the future of the immigration and v…

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Energy Engineering Technologists featured on Critical Skills List

The South African Department of Home Affairs published the critical skills list which boasts more than 120 occupations which is drastically needed in SA. Today, we have a closer look at how energy engineering technologist can secure a critical skills visa for South Africa. The critical skills visa will only be issued to applicants who meet the following criteria: - Reg…

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Are you an employer? Do you know what the new immigration law says?

New World Immigration has gone into much detail about South Africa’s, sometimes controversial immigration laws, but we decided to summarize how these changes will affect you and your business. Global employers should take special note of specifically these new laws: New Sponsorship Requirements. South Africa now requires all companies that employ visa holders to maintai…

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Department of Home Affairs announces refund policy for repatriation deposits

The Department of Home Affairs recently published a new government gazette stating that repatriation deposits have been repealed and amended according to the immigration act, 2002 (Act No 13 of 2002). While this might be a sigh of relief for many, applicants who need to request a refund of the deposit paid must do so before the 28th of February 2015. It is important to not…

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South Africa in need of Electrical Engineering Technologists

The Department of Home Affairs is currently offering opportunities to highly qualified electrical engineering technologist to apply for a critical skills visa. Electrical engineering technologists must meet the minimum requirements to be eligible for a critical skills visa. View critical skills occupation list to see in depth requirements (View List). The Benefits in ap…

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Reforming skilled migration to improve Australia's competitiveness

Tuesday, 14 October 2014 Joint media release with Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Minister for Industry Ian McFarlane and Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Scott Morrison. The Government will reform the 457 visa programme for skilled migrants, while maintaining strong safeguards against abuse. The 457 programme must be a means of filling genuine skills gaps i…

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