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What you need to know about South African Permanent Residency

Applicants for South African Permanent Residency must submit evidence stating that they are suitable applicants.You may be considered an unsuitable applicant if• You are infected with infectious diseases that can spread easily. These diseases include cholera; pestilence, yellow fever and any other diseases as determined by the Department of Health from time to time• You ha…

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Zimbabwean special residential permit deadline has passed

The special permits are required by Zimbabweans who are legally working, studying or operating businesses in SA in order for them to continue staying in the country. These visa serve as a temporary measure until the full implementation of the Immigration Act at the end of 2017. The new act will require Zimbabwean citizens to return home to apply for mainstream visas and pe…

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Zimbabweans stream back to South Africa after festive season

The slow moving queues which have become a common sight before Zimbabweans crossed the border to visit their homes before the official start of the festive season break.

Zimbabweans Stream Back To South Africa After Festive Season

Immigration and customs departments from both countries have come up with a host of measures to ease congestion including increasing the number of immigration and customs officials doing duty on both sides…

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Understanding the Australian Partner visa

Basically this visa is a temporary Partner visa which allows you to live in Australia if you are the spouse or de facto partner of:

• an Australian citizen
• an Australian permanent resident
• an eligible New Zealand citizen.

If you are successful in obtaining this visa you will be able to:

• stay in Australia until a decision is made about your permanent Partner visa
• work i…

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The South African Department of Home Affairs answers your questions about the Scarce Skills Permit

This work permit falls in the temporary residency stream, but if the applicant is able to prove five years’ experience in one of the specified occupations and has the appropriate qualifications the applicant would also qualify to apply for permanent residency. 1. How do I know if I qualify for a Scarce Skills Work Permit? You need to verify whether your profession or com…

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Welcomed visa developments for the South African Film industry

The agreement between the South African Department of Home Affairs, the Commercial Producers Association (CPA), the South African Association of Stills Producers (SAASP) and the National Association of Model Agencies (NAMA) essentially means that it is now easier for international clients, stars and film crews to enter and work in South Africa.

Welcomed Visa Developments For The South African Film Industry

Earlier this year serious con…

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Zimbabweans: Make sure your paperwork is in order

In a recent statement issued on the South African Home Affairs Ministry's website, Minister Malusi Gigaba said all DZP permits would expire on December 31, 2014, regardless of the time issued and the expiry date.

Zimbabweans Make Sure Paperwork Is In Order

Most of the DZP permits, issued in 2010, will expire in less just over a week and applications for the new permits must be submitted by the end of December, failu…

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Almost 70% of all South African migrants are from Africa

The statistics released earlier this year also claimed nearly half of all applications for South African permanent residency have been granted to citizens of the SADC – South African Development Community - countries

Almost 70 Of All South African Migrants Are From Africa

It also came as no surprise, said Statistician General Pali Lehola, that the vast majority of these permanent residency permits have been granted to Zimbabwean…

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Zimbabwe Special Permit nearing it's deadline

He was confident that the 249 000 people in the country on a Dispensation for Zimbabwe Project permit would apply for the new Zimbabwe Special Permit for which the deadline is 31 December. Only those with the initial permit known as the Zimbabwe Special Dispensation Permit are allowed to apply. Those without a permit would have to go through the normal routes to obtain …

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Love in the time of visa application

While Antoinette suggests doing it yourself we would advise against that. As can be seen in this case study she was faced with ‘an Amazing Race-like dash’ to get her paperwork processed, this could have been avoided had she consulted an experienced and registered immigration consultant. It is after all what we do every day.

Love In The Time Of Visa Application

Paying a fee towards an immigration consultant is…

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The Australian government gives advice on how to choose you migration agent

In their statement they offer advice on how to choose your migration agent and what you might expect of the valuable service they render. The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection is notoriously sticky about who they let into their country and you will need to use a season agent to take you through the process. The reality is that without this guida…

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Visa applicants penalised as VFS struggles to deal with application backlog

by Robbie Ragless South African visa and permit applicants are facing the rigours and frustrations of being at the mercy of a processing system that is failing to serve its customers. Earlier this year the South African Department of Home Affairs expressed their confidence in the then newly appointed VFS who would be managing the submission process of all visa and permit…

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Zimbabwe: Beitbridge Readies for Christmas Rush

"During the festive season, Zimbabweans qualifying for this process will be able to travel home and return to South Africa without any challenges. Their applications will be available to us electronically, enabling us to verify whether they have been captured properly," South African Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba was quoted saying recently. Over 190 000 Zimbabwean…

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Three visa streams to consider when hiring your foreign staff

For this purpose the government published a critical skills list earlier this year listing more than 200 specialized occupations which have been identified as being needed to ensure progress and growth in the country. To legally work in South Africa expats and migrants must hold a valid work visa. South Africa offers three options: 1. The General Work Visa This is the…

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The Department of Labour Site Visit ( for Work Permits )

by Robbie Ragless Part of the new process in applying for a South African Work Permit / Visa includes an application made to the Department of Labour in the hopes that you can get an approved labour certificate. Part of the Department of Labours process includes a visit to your business. This will be confirmed by the Department a couple of weeks before the visit. The ins…

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Use a registered and legal immigration consultant warns SAP after syndicate bust

After a lengthy investigation the master mind behind the operation together with his right hand women and a pastor were arrested in Durban and Phoenix. Further targets that assisted the syndicate in obtaining stolen identity documents and falsifying documents as well as those who orchestrated bogus marriages were arrested in a well-co-ordinated operation. Thus far a tot…

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South Africa to begin permit process for SADC countries soon

Zimbabweans who have applied for a new special dispensation permit can go home and return to South Africa over the festive season. Meanwhile, home affairs will soon roll out the process to other African countries. Zimbabweans who have applied for the new special dispensation permit can go home and return to South Africa over the festive season, Home Affairs Minister Mal…

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Australian skill shortages creating more job opportunities for expatriates

According to a press release issued by Interdean, an international removals expert, the Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency predicts that Australia will need 2.8 million workers with higher skilled qualifications by 2015. Recent news that skill shortages are becoming widespread across Australia and that numerous industries are calling for skilled expatriates to…

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South Africa needs software engineers

Adrian Schofield, the JCSE’s manager of applied research and author of the report, said that South Africa is falling behind countries like Kenya, Nigeria and Egypt who place greater emphasis on the contribution of technology to economic growth. “There remains a significant lack of improvement in South Africa’s basic education as well as exposure to and familiarity with …

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Zimbabwean permit applicants can safely go home for Christmas

He said those with the Dispensation for Zimbabwe Project permit would be permitted in and out of the country while they waited for their Special Dispensation Permit (ZDP) applications to be approved. Around 64 % of the 249 000 Zimbabweans working in the country on a dispensation permit had already applied for the new permit since the 1st October. Applications close on …

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