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Why use a Registered Migration Agent?

Why should I use a Registered Migration Agent? Our company employs only qualified personnel with outstanding credentials and knowledge of the immigration industry. A combined experience of over 40 years in dealing specifically with corporate clients means that we are able to provide our clients with a tailor made service while eliminating queuing and frustrations normally…

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New World Immigration "Name Our Mascot" Competition Terms & Conditions 1. COMPETITION: New World Immigration ‘NAME OUR MASCOT’ competition is open to all residents in Cape Town and Johannesburg only. The competition is not open to employees, their immediate families or anyone associated to or affiliated to THE PROMOTER. 2. HOW TO ENTER: Step 1: Click on Comment…

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Fourth Express Entry Draw Increase in Invitations Issued, Decrease in Points Required

This, the fourth Express Entry draw, followed just one week after the third draw, which took place on February 20 and selected 849 candidates eligible under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) with at least 808 CRS points. Apart from the third draw, draws from the Express Entry pool have selected candidates eligible for any of the federal economic immigration programs, inc…

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South Africa's citizenship according to the law

There are three ways in which a person can be regarded as a South African citizen: • by birth• by descent• by naturalisation Citizenship by birth and descent are legal rights for anyone who can prove the facts of birth and parentage. Citizenship by naturalisation is not a legal right. It can be granted or refused by the Minister of Home Affairs. Citizenship by birth:…

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Canada versus South Africa

“Well, for starters, Canada is a bit bigger…..driving from East to West is a cool 6500km - like driving from Cape Town well into Ethiopia. I mention this to finally answer my friends on ‘why have you not gone for a weekend to wherever yet’? When last have you driven to Lagos? Canada really is more like a continent – in fact it's bigger than Down Under. “Canada is beautifu…

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South African language schools find new solution to visa trouble

Amy Baker is a Director of The PIE News and has worked in the international education industry for quite a long time and says, "Unfortunately, we have not been able to find an immediate solution with the Department of Home Affairs"

South African Language Schools Find New Solution To Visa Trouble

After a shake-up of immigration rules last May – to address “glaring weaknesses” according to Home Affairs Minister, Malusi Gigaba – language sc…

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South Africa: DA Reiterates Calls for E-Visa's As SA Missions Run Out of Visa Papers

In the press release Vos claims that a recent report has indicated that the South African missions in China have run out of the visa papers needed to issue visas to Chinese travellers.

South Africa DA Reiterates Calls For E Visas As SA Missions Run Out Of Visa Papers

The Democratic Alliance (DA) states that it has consistently called for an e-visa system and biometrics on arrival to facilitate easier access for tourists to South Africa. I will therefore w…

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Where to next for South Africans?

Our working age population grows by about 650 000 people per year, take into account that this number does not include the immigrants which flood into our country from neighbouring countries. Some of these new entrants won’t look for work but at least 500 000 will. That means South Africa needs to create 500 000 jobs per years, take into account that we have 49 million Sou…

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Good News; Yellow Fever vaccinations not needed for some African countries

The announcement was made by the South African Department of Health and the requirement was lifted with immediate effect. The decision was made at the World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland, and comes after the World Health Organisation confirmed that Zambia had low yellow fever potential exposure status, which means travellers should not be required to carry a yell…

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Tourism Minister on SA Visa Regulations

According to the country’s Tourism Minister, Derek Hanekom, who also emphasised the importance of the sector to the country’s economy in an interview with CNBC Africa.

Tourism Minister On SA Visa Regulations

“There are at least 1.4 million people employed in the sector – that’s huge, but we have to be constantly vigilant and aware of the possible obstacles to further growth, and the visa regulations could have a …

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SA Home Affairs announces special visas for BRICS business and diplomatic visitors

"I have approved the issuance of port of entry visas to BRICS business executives for up to 10 years, with each visit not to exceed 30 days," he told the Cape Town Press Club.
The visas had been in effect since December 23 last year.

SA Home Affairs Announces Special Visas For BRICS Business And Diplomatic Visitors

"This applies to diplomatic, official/service, and ordinary passport holders."

Gigaba said the relevant individuals would receive a long-term vi…

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Visa red-tape is suffocating SA’s ailing industries says Helen Zille

Energy Security is the platform we need for our second game-changer, called Project Khulisa - achieving significant growth in three economic sectors best placed to create jobs.

Visa Red Tape Is Suffocating SA’S Ailing Industries Says Helen Zille

They are

• Tourism including business and leisure tourism, as well as niche tourist markets;
• Agri-processing to add value to a range of agricultural products; and
• Servicing the growing oil and gas s…

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Visas ‘SA is losing out on tourism,” says World Tourism Council

To celebrate the fact the garden had had one million visitors, Hanekom invited Taleb Rifai, secretary-general of the World Tourism Organisation and David Scowsill, chief executive of the World Travel and Tourism Council, to enjoy the delights of the garden and take a walk along the Tree Canopy Way, better known as the Boomslang because of how the walkway winds through the …

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Do you qualify for a Canadian Federal Visa?

As of January 2015, Canada has a new system in place to manage how people apply to the Federal Visa scheme. The new system is called Express Entry. Skilled work experience Your work experience must be:• at least one year (1,560 hours total / 30 hours per week), continuous full-time or an equal amount in part-time,• paid work (volunteer work, unpaid internships do not cou…

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South Africa’s Tightened Visa Restrictions Worry Tourism Industry

Scowsill said that key inbound operators are reporting drops of 60 to 80 percent in visitors from markets in which the regulations apply, such as China and the Middle East.

South Africa’S Tightened Visa Restrictions Worry Tourism Industry

Scowsill said the visa restriction is “probably the top issue that this country needs to solve in order to get back into growth mode for the industry…. You need to make it as easy as possible for people…

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No plans to relax immigration rules: Gigaba

"I think what we need is robust discussion with relevant countries, particular India and China, which are sending us more tourists for us to provide them consular services without us having to relax the (SA visa) requirement," he told reporters in Pretoria.

No Plans To Relax Immigration Rules Gigaba

"We understand the views of the different parties, but as home affairs we have to do a balancing act between economic …

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Analysis, Uncertainty over foreigners’ land ownership

Well known political writer Roy Cokayne share his views and analysis on the subject on Independent Online’s website earlier this week. His insight paints a clearer picture of where foreign land-owners will stand when new legislation, prohibiting foreign landownership is approved.

Analysis Uncertainty Over Foreigners’ Land Ownership

This is what Cokayne wrote: The security of the ownership of properties owned by foreigners, i…

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South Africa will not allow foreign nationals to own land and farmers’ will be limited

Thursday night’s State of the Nation Address has left an uneasy feeling among South Africans. Disruptions, security police, walk outs and blocking of cellphone signals further aggravated South Africans after images of opposition party members being handled with excessive force at marches leading up to the President’s speech. But the biggest, and most disconcerting, surpri…

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Checklist for Emigrating to Australia

Complete step-by-step checklist guide for South Africans planning a move to Australia. 24 months before moving to Australia• Plan a visit to Australia to help decide which city you want to live in. There’s nothing quite like an in-the-flesh experience to meet the people, experience the sights and sounds, and see other factors like lifestyle, traffic, houses, recreational …

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Gigaba says Refugee-shop owners are a headache for Home Affairs

According to the article Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba said on Friday that a large number of asylum seekers and refugees in South Africa are economic migrants who started businesses without having completed the process of verifying their status in the country.

Gigaba Says Refugee Shop Owners A Headache For Home Affairs

The government believes asylum seekers should not run businesses in South Africa, he said, but according to t…

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