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Measures in place to deal with crimes against foreign nationals

The minister of Justice and Constitutional Development in South Africa, Jeff Radebe released a media statement assuring the global community that “South Africans and the foreign nationals who live in our midst, are and feel safe".

Measures In Place To Deal With Crimes Against Foreign Nationals

Various departments have engaged with African diplomats in the country explaining the efforts being made in tackling criminality against and in…

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New SA draft migration policy due in a matter of weeks

“We are looking to complete it in a month. It will then go to Cabinet,” Radebe told ANA after an at times testy panel discussion on migration.

New SA Draft Migration Policy Due In A Matter Of Weeks

Rabede, who heads the commission, said the new draft policy would deal with “everything, refugees and economic migrants, all of it”.

During the earlier discussion, Radebe’s insistence that an African solution was needed to the mass…

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Adding foreign citizenship to your shopping list

South Africans can access 97 of 199 countries visa-free. The UK and Europe, however, are not included in this list of countries and South Africans, both for work and play, favour these destinations. It’s perhaps no surprise then that the Caribbean Island of St. Kitts & Nevis, as well as Antigua & Barbuda are popular citizenship choices for the well-travelled due t…

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Understanding the Australian Business Owner (Provisional) Visa

Moving your business to one of the world’s most stable nations with a strong economy and welcoming attitude to foreign investment could be an ideal solution for the South African business wanting to expand or re-establish itself in one of Australia’s provinces and territories.

Understanding The Australian Business Owner Provisional Visa

The Australian visa application process is notoriously tough and with good reason. While the count…

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SACCI and MEC welcomes talks for the revision of SA’s new travel legislation

In a media statement on Friday SACCI spokesperson Peggy Drodskie said, “SACCI welcomes the statement made by the Minister of Tourism that South Africa’s government is reviewing its new travel rules for minors after signs that they are already hurting the key tourist sector.” Drodskie added that SACCI supported the objectives of the new rules, and condemned child trafficki…

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New Immigration regulations to be reviewed says DHA

Legislation passed since last year aimed to confirm the legality of all migrants in the Republic and to regularize the influx of migrants through new travel and visa rules and requirements.

New Immigration Regulations To Be Reviewed Says DHA

Speaking of plans to address certain unintended consequences of the law Gigaba said the Green Paper on migration would be finalised by March next year.

Extensive consultations on this pol…

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South Australia is looking for South Africans

Although its history is marked by economic hardship, South Australia has remained politically innovative and culturally vibrant. Today, it is known for its fine wine and numerous cultural festivals. The state's economy centres on the agricultural, manufacturing and mining industries and has an increasingly significant finance sector as well.The principal industries and exp…

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There is hope for South Africa’s travel and tourism, but shock waves are ahead

In its latest global Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index report, the World Economic Forum (WEF) found that South Africa's performance in the tourism sector had improved significantly since 2013, when the previous study was conducted. While the report underscored the need for improvements in some areas such as security, these weaknesses were outweighed by the country's…

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Language Proficiency test a visa requirement

The main language tests accepted are the IELTS for English proficiency, and TEF for proficiency in French.

Language Proficiency Test A Visa Requirement

Australia considers the scores obtained on IELTS English test for the migration point test required for permanent residency, while Canada uses the IELTS and / or TEF scores in English or French for purposes of the skill-based immigration points test.

IELST is the Inte…

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New travel regulations delivers its first casualties

Making news headlines this morning was the statement by Cape Government officials who said an Indian tour group appears to be the first casualty of South Africa’s strict new visa rules that came into effect yesterday. Minors from visa-exempt countries are required to have unabridged birth certificates when entering the Republic, while travellers from countries that requir…

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Brits are put off by SA’s new visa rules

A online survey undertaken by The Telegraph, one of the United Kingdom’s most respected websites having influence as far as Australia and New Zealand, have come up with alarming results indicating that South Africa's new visa rules, which came into effect today, are not being well received. South Africa's new rules on travelling with children will require an unabridged bi…

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South African Critical Skills list

The Minister, in consultation with the Department of Labour and Trade and Industry, identify areas of scarce, critical and special skills required by the South African economy and draws up a list of professional categories and occupational classes needed each year. Permits are then made available for the various categories.

South African Critical Skills List

The Minister therefore has the discretion to remov…

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Stricter immigration regulations aim to root out Marriages of Convenience

A marriage of convenience is defined as marrying a South African citizen in order to qualify for residence rights in SA. This arrangement is seen as fraudulent as persons in such arrangements do not qualify for a permit. Where a permit was obtained under such arrangement, the permit will be withdrawn.Find out if you qualify for a spousal visa. The new immigration regulati…

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Immigration Directive NO 8 of 2015

Please be informed that with effect from the 1st of May 2015 a holder of a valid temporary residence visa issued for the categories mentioned below will be allowed to register and undertake part-time studies with Institutions of Higher Learning as defined by the Immigration Regulations of the immigration Act, 2002 (Act No. 13 of 2002) during the validity period of their re…

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Operation Fiela: Raids Illegal Immigrants

This operation, known as Operation Fiela, has seen the – amongst similar raids - the arrest of 235 illegal immigrants who took shelter at the Central Methodist Church, a renowned shelter for refugees in downtown Johannesburg, on 9 May.

Operation Fiela Raids Illegal Immigrants

“Large sections of police have been unleashed on people,” Steve Faulkner, of the Coalition of Movements Against Xenophobia, told reporters.…

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Stakeholders call new travel rules contradictory but Government defends it

Chohan, speaking at a public debate that focused on xenophobia and challenges with the country's migration policy, she said that the country’s migration laws had been open to abuse for too long, “South Africa has had a very liberal visa system and it was significantly abused.” President of the Skilled Foreign Nationals in South Africa, Steve Arowolo, opened the debate by …

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South African Requirements for Minors Travelling Internationally

South African Requirements for Minors Travelling Internationally 1. Child In alternative care 1.1 Valid Passport1.2 Valid Visa, if required;1.3 Letter from the Provincial Head of Department of Social Development where the child resides authorizing his or her departure from the Republic as contemplated in section 169 of the Children’s Act. 2. Minor accompanied by both hi…

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Qualifying for an Australian Significant Investor Visa

The Significant Investors Visa is an Australian state or territory nominated method to attract significant migrant investment into Australia and is a subclass of the Business Innovation and Investment visa programme. Applicants applying for the SIV, would be expected to make an investment of at least AU$5 million. This investment must be made into approved investments for…

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Travellers without new visa docs face immediate deportation

South African Airways announced in a letter to all its foreign based offices that travel partners that it would heed South African travel laws in terms of travelling with minors which comes into effect on 1 June, 2015. The letter stated that, "All children under the age of 18, regardless of nationality when traveling to or from South Africa will be required to have additi…

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DHA establishes Corporate Accounts Status

The Status was established in partnership with the Gauteng Growth and Development Agency, the Gauteng Investment Centre (GIC) and VFS Global and aims to mitigate the burdens and difficulties faced by senior executive members of recognized companies from renewing and applying for their visas. Executives who are holders of temporary residence visas as well as other foreign …

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