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Australia ranks in 12th position on World Social Progress Index

Australia has been ranked 12th in the world on social progress for the second year in a row with factors like ‘basic human needs’ and ‘opportunity’ doing exceptionally well.  The Social Progress Imperative thinks of social progress as ‘the capacity of a society to meet the basic human needs of its citizens, as well as enhancing and sustaining the quality of their lives,…

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Australia: Updates from states with regards to Nominations.

Fresh from Down Under, please see the latest feedback from the states with regards to Nominations. South Australia: With the launch on 16 November 2019 of the new Skilled Regional Visas, Immigration South Australia (SA) will temporarily close the state nomination Subclass 190 application system from 11am on 15 November 2019 and reopen early December (the date and time …

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Australia to Increase Regional Visa Intake

As Australia plans to issue more visas for skilled migrants, now might be the best time ever to find out about your visa options for Australia. As Australia plans to issue more visas for skilled migrants now might be the best time ever to find out about your visa options for Australia. The Australian government said on Saturday it is increasing the number of visas for …

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Australian employers are filling six-figure salary jobs with migrants

Australian employers say they are turning to skilled migrants to fill high paying jobs which they are struggling to fill with local talent. A new survey revealed that only a third of sonographer positions are being filled despite employers offering salaries of AUS $120,000. Engineers are hard to come by too with jobs taking six weeks or longer to fill – not even salaries …

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Australia will be Focussing on Attracting Skilled Migrants to the Australian Countryside

"Skilled migration has always been a part of this country's prosperity, but we need to ensure we are getting the right skilled migrants filling the skills shortages," Employment and Skills Minister Michaelia Cash said last week.   Australia will always need skilled migrants to fill positions not filled by Aussies and right now many of these jobs will take them outside of…

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Do you want to live a longer, healthier life? Pack your bags for Australia

It’s no secret that with a brilliant health care system and some of the best medical facilities in the world you are likely to live longer in Australia.  Add a low risk, relaxed, safer environment and you’ll see it’s no surprise that Aussies, especially Aussie men, live longer than any other nationality! New research just in has revealed that men living in Australia has t…

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How safe will you really be in Australia?

Safety concerns continue to be one of the largest driving forces behind immigration.  People who feel their and their families’ lives are under threat from political unrest, crime or even war have for many generations opted to leave their home country in search of a safe, calm and secure life. Australia has a long history of being a safe haven.  A brilliantly governed, …

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Australia: Tradesmen Command Top Wages as Demand for Skilled Workers Keeps Growing

New data shows more than a quarter of Australia’s tradesmen are in such demand that they are getting paid fantastic wages for their services.  A survey revealed that more tradesmen are declaring six-figure salaries than ever before.  The reason, a simple supply and demand situation.  Australia has more work for plumbers, electricians, builders and boilermakers than they ha…

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Wondering where to emigrate to? Canada and Australia Rank Best

Considering either Australia or Canada to emigrate to could be one of the best decisions you will ever make.  A new survey has found that Canada is the best host of migrants with Australia hot on their heels.  Both countries offer a brilliant quality of life, access to some of the world’s best health and educational facilities and a peaceful life with boundless opportuniti…

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Australia will always need more migrants

It’s no secret that Australia needs to supplement their workforce in order to stay competitive. New research once again highlights the country’s need for young skilled migrants or the world’s 4th best country risks slipping from their position. Figures show that migrants have a direct positive effect on the employment of Australians too. Employment grew by 810,000 peopl…

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