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Australian government and hospitality industry’s 457 visas deal is good news for migrants

Restaurant & Catering Australia said it had reached an “historic” agreement to address “chronic labour shortages gripping the hospitality sector”, which involves lowering the temporary skilled migration income threshold by 10 per cent. “This moderate concession means it will be more feasible for operators to hire overseas workers, should they be able to demonstrate th…

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Migrants to Europe: The facts

Why do people immigrate? There are several reasons why people decide to immigrate and these may include political, moral, religious, but, above all, economic reason. Why migrants choose Europe? Europe has for centuries been a popular immigration destination for nationalities from across the globe. Research shows that today a large percentage of most European countries’ p…

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Australia and Canada claim all top-five positions on most liveable cities in the world list

Essentially whether or not you choose sunny Australia or snowy Canada you’d make a brilliant decision. Australia and Canada annihilated competition from Asia, Europe and even the mighty USA to take all but one of the top-five positions on the list – and claiming 4 more positions between the two countries in the top 20! 1. Melbourne, Australia With great coffee, great foo…

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Luring Tech professionals from across the globe including South Africa

The US, Australia and Canada topped the list of most attractive places to move to, followed by France, Germany, New Zealand and Spain, according to the survey published by recruiter Dice. “Tech professionals fully recognise the highly transferable nature of their skills,” Dice’s marketing director in the UK and continental Europe Jamie Bowler said. “As a result, tech prof…

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Australia considering easing short term entry for skilled foreigners

The proposed “short-term mobility" subclass of visas would be available for “specialised work which may include intra-company transfers and foreign correspondents", says a proposal paper.

Australia Considering Easing Short Term Entry For Skilled Foreigners

Fly-in, fly-out commuters, global partners or specialists who need to ­provide short periods of work or consultation to a company would be ­covered. The visa would furthermore allow for mu…

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What the Australian Values Statement entails

For this reason migrants are expected to sign a legally binding document, known as the Australian Values Statement, as part of their visa application procedure. For this reason applicants for provisional, permanent and a small number of temporary visas are required to have read, or had explained to them, material made available by the government on life in Australia which…

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More migrants are now part of the 4 million people living in Montreal.

“International migration was responsible for just over two-thirds of the population growth of census metropolitan areas (CMAs) in 2013-2014,” a release from the stats bureau said. “All CMAs with over 1 million inhabitants reported growth rates from international migration of 1 per cent or higher, accounting for most of their population growth of 71 per cent in total,” clai…

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South African universities among best in Africa

The results have come just before the Times Higher Education African Universities Summit, which will be held in Johannesburg on 30 and 31 July. The summit will look at topics including higher education funding on the continent and preventing brain drain. According to University World News, THE is working on a future Africa league table from its global rankings but will us…

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Pick your Immigration Practitioner carefully and avoid being scammed

Your immigration process should always start with appointing a recognized, reputable and, most importantly, registered immigration agent for the specific country you are planning on immigrating to. Scam artists have been known to fail to assess their clients likelihood of being granted a visa and in some cases doesn’t ever communicate with clients. In some cases the autho…

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Canada named most reputable country in the world

Impressively, according to their rankings, Canada has also never managed to dip below second place on the list. This year in second place is Norway, followed by Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, Finland, New Zealand, Denmark, the Netherlands and then Belgium. “When people perceive a country positively based on their direct experiences and through the lens of others that tr…

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Australia aims to fill 200,000 migrant places

The 200,000 places will be broken down to include up to 128,550 places for skilled migrants, including the employer sponsored, general skilled and business categories, and 57,400 places for family migrants sponsored by immediate family members. While smaller sections of the migrant population will be catered for with 565 places open to special eligibility migrants, which …

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All Approved ZSP permits to be issued by August 2015

The ZSP is the successor to a permit issued as part of the Department's Dispensation of Zimbabweans Project (DZP) which was implemented in April 2009. The acceptance of new applications closed last year, but issuing thereof is still an ongoing process. The new ZSP will be valid until 31 December 2017, and all those whose permits were rejected will be allowed to appeal aga…

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Investing in Australia

The Significant and Premium Investor migration visas

Investing In Australia

What this visa lets you do:

The Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) visa (subclass 888) allows you to manage your business and investments in Australia.

This is a permanent residence visa. It lets you and any family members who have also been granted this visa:

• stay in Australia indefinitely
• work and study in A…

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Schooling your child at a Canadian school opens doors to Canadian Universities

To this end a number of forward-thinking Canadian schools are offering a range of options to their international students planning on furthering their studies after attending a Canadian high school.Canada, being receptive and welcoming of their migrant population, realizes the importance of integrating foreign students into the Canadian schooling and tertiary education sys…

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Australia is looking at foreigners to fill their best paying jobs

Migrants qualified and experienced in fields listed on the Skillselect list enjoy preference in obtaining their 457 Australian work visas, and as it turns out, now it seems they are also up for some of the best paying jobs Australia has to offer.

Australia Is Looking At Foreigners To Fill Their Best Paying Jobs

According to a new study the highest paid professionals earn more than $2,000 per week or $104,000 per year and these are mostly …

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Local tourism has not suffered under new travel laws

With the implementation of the South African travel requirements the general reaction was wild speculation about the likely negative impact of the new immigration regulations on tourism and the economy.

Local Tourism Has Not Suffered Under New Travel Laws

Statistics SA notes that 3.22-million travellers passed through SA’s ports of entry in March. This includes arrivals and departures and is made up of 794,917 South African r…

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Australia issues more visas to engineers and IT professionals

The 457 visa has become more and more popular. The 457 visa allows migrants who are sponsored by an Australian business under standard business sponsorship or under a labour agreement with the Australian Immigration Department entry to work in Australia for up to 4 years. You will also need to meet various skills, language, and health requirements as well as undergo a back…

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Canada’s secret weapon

Immigrants overwhelmingly stick to their end of the deal. Migrants take fresh new ideas, years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to their new home country and positively contributing to Canadian society. But just what have foreigners been doing for the country? Well in America alone, the list is impressive! •More than 40% of Fortune 500 companies were founded by immi…

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Australians are happy to embrace migrants

When surveyors from the Australian National University asked the same group of people how they felt about illegal immigrants the results showed that as many as half of all respondents felt that more should be done to curb access to the lucky country for those who were wanting to access it illegally. These respondents felt that stronger measures should be taken to "exclude …

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Canada want’s You!

Canada is considered one of the world countries most interested in attracting immigrants to the country.

Canada Want’S You

A declining labour force, as baby boomers retire, has prompted the Canadian Government to attract offshore talent and for this reason has one of the most sophisticated immigration systems in the world.

As one of the major role playing international power houses the count…

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