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Women migrants’ top reason for leaving South Africa

While women’s personal safety features as their top reason for immigrating they are spurred to do so by the lack in career opportunities and advancement available to them on home soil. South African women’s fears are substantiated by the fact that they face a barrage of sexual violence with more than 500 000 rapes reported annually – and the figure is climbing.  It is …

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New Zealand’s labour force would be in trouble without migrant labour

Leader of New Zealand First, Winston Peters, suggested annual immigration should be capped at no less than 7000 migrants but that 15,000 "seriously" qualified migrants are needed. A recent Treasury paper said migrants helped the economy by providing complementary skills and filling skill gaps. This claim is endorsed by industries relying on migrant workers to fill jobs Ki…

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Migration to New Zealand means better lives for Kiwis

New Zealand welcomed 5700 migrants in July this year and the writer of the blog explains why New Zealanders should be welcoming migrants with open arms. Writing for the New Zealand Herald Lee Suckling explained that economic and technological advancements have made New Zealand an exciting place to be, younger generations can now see what migrants have known all along, “…

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Is immigration right for you

State corruption, unemployment, lack of opportunities, rising crime, violence, a struggling local economy and an ever increasingly unreliable infrastructure are all reasons migrants have cited for wanting to up and leave the country they were born in. Migration offers people the opportunity to persue dreams, live the life they imagined and migrant parents see this as th…

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Thousands of South African health workers and educators packed their bags for Australia

The second wave of the South African brain drain to Australia seems to be picking up. New statistics show that the country is losing thousands of professionals in healthcare, education, technology, engineering, to name only a few professions, to Australia. Official statistical information dating back to Australia’s 2011 census noted that approximately 145,683 South Africa…

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Workplace rights for all visa holders

Will workplace culture differ a lot from what you are used to and will your rights, as an employee, be protected or will you fall victim to exploitation as a non-citizen? No need to worry! Australia might be a ‘nanny state’ but in this case it certainly counts in your favour as the workplace rights of both citizens and migrants (or expats) are well protected by Australia …

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Which are those popular cities for expats and where are they likely to work

Year on year this country of kiwi’s (fruit and birds), with its awe-inspiring natural scenery and surprisingly buoyant economy, has been voted amongst the top 5 best countries to live in. Annually thousands of people from around the world head out to New Zealand every year in order to live and work there for a few years, making the country a popular expat destination. Auc…

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South Africa's loses close on a 1000 multi-millionaires to immigration yearly

Fewer high income earners were living on South African shores this time last year. The number of these high net worth Individuals (HNWI) declined by 18% during 2015 - from 46,800 at the end of 2014 to 38,500 at the end of 2015. This means that South Africans with net assets of $1m (about R15 million) or more are draining out of the country’s economy. According to Fin24,…

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Time to get out

According to the ISS, looking ahead to 2024, with the current political landscape as a backdrop, “South Africa is a complex country and, just as few foresaw the transition from white minority control to democracy some three decades ago, we do not claim the ability to predict the future. These are turbulent times for the country, with the potential for divergent outcomes,” …

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What it takes to make it in Australia

It is easy to see why more than 1.2 million members of the Australian society are expats. So what does it take to live a happy successful and well-adjusted life Down Under? Aussies shared their thoughts: You must be prepared to work hard Two thirds of Aussies, 66 per cent, insisted that being hard working is crucial for expats – a figure which rose to 80 per cent among …

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New Zealand’s building industry desperate for more builders, electricians, plumbers

New Zealand is keenly looking for more electricians, plumbers, builders, carpenters, quantity surveyors, project managers and related tradesmen to fill these gaps. Karlan Zink, a director of The Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation (BCITO), said to Radio New Zealand, "We all know that the building industry is screaming out for qualified carpenters and …

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The Pros and Cons of Life in Canada

You might be considering immigrating to Canada or living there as an expat and no doubt the potential pros and cons of uprooting your family and starting in an unfamiliar country must have crossed your mind. This article discusses some of the pros and cons. The Pros Canada boasts a strong employment market In order to continue with economic growth and due to skills sho…

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The In’s and the Outs of the Australian Spousal Visa

First off you must be legally married to your partner at the time of lodging your application as your partner will more than likely be your visa sponsor. If you were married in a country other than Australia and that marriage is valid in that country, generally it will be recognised as valid under Australian law. But please note that there are some exceptions, such as sam…

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What you can expect of Canadian schooling for children - Part 2

One of the prevailing reasons parents list in motivating immigrating to Canada is the promise of improvement of the quality of life for their children. This is not only true about their children’s access to a brilliant infra structure, medical services and a safe environment to grow up in, but certainly also gives the child an opportunity to benefit from one of the very be…

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NOC Canada 2016 - Canadian National Occupational Classification

The NOC is a system used by the Government of Canada to classify jobs (occupations). Jobs are grouped based on the type of work a person does and the types of job duties.

NOC Canada 2016


0011 Legislators 0
0012 Senior government managers and officials 0
0013 Senior managers - financial, communications and other business services 0
0014 Senior managers - health, education, social and commu…

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NZ needs more skilled migrants to maintain growth

Ms Ranson was responding to a call in the media at the weekend by New Zealand First MP Winston Peters for permanent residence to be cut to 7,000 – 15,000 people maximum. The organisation, which is New Zealand's leading professional association for immigration specialists, says Mr Peters’ comments are ironic given that permanent residence approvals were higher under Labo…

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Skilled Migrants and foreign students make up the bulk of migrants in New Zealand

This information was recently released and quoted a figure of 124,000 migrants arriving in New Zealand on various visas including Work Visas (in the skills shortage class across a number of New Zealand Regions), those on short term working holidays and for international students seeking an education in New Zealand. The country’s net gain of migrants, the figure roughly re…

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Immigration to Australia: South Australia released new State-Nominated Occupation list

According to immigration South Australia the occupations listed applies to international graduates too and the state welcomes applications from migrants and would-be migrants. South Australia’s list of occupations that are in demand is derived from the Consolidated Skilled Occupation List (CSOL) – a list of skills required throughout Australia and is approved by the Aus…

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Agricultural Professionals: New Zealand town has Hundreds of Jobs and Enough Housing

However, the town on Saturday denied a spate of reports suggesting Kaitangata would offer sizable incentive packages to fill open jobs. The San Francisco Gate reported that Mayor Bryan Cadogan and the town's professionals collaborated to come up with a package worth NZ$230,000 (more than $160,000) for job seekers to relocate. "There is currently a story that has been publ…

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Lower cost of living in Australian cities could attract more expats

The list noted 6 Australian cities which last year featured among the top 100 most expensive cities in the world to live in. In 2016 Sydney recovered well and while it was still Australia’s highest ranking city – in terms of how expensive it is to live there, it had dropped back 9 places naming Sydney the world’s 42nd most expensive city where it was 31st most expensive l…

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