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Successful South Africans are investing aboard to gain citizenship

Migration experts reported a huge spike in the number of South African citizens expressing interest in pulling up their local roots by securing residency in other countries. South Africa’s controversial government re-shuffle, the shock of the local economy’s junk status and continued unrest, violence and seemingly lawlessness are behind the exponential increase in succe…

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South African’s amongst the most successful at obtaining Kiwi work visas

New Zealand has revealed that South Africans are amongst the most successful migrant nations at obtaining a kiwi work visa having doubled their popularity amongst Kiwi- employers in the last 12 years. New data has revealed that South Africans are now more successful at obtaining a New Zealand work visa than their Asian migrant counterparts. Asian migrants have for a num…

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Sponsors have 90 Days to Submit Application to Re-unite families in Canada

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has chosen at random 10,000 sponsors who wish to submit an application to bring their parent(s) or grandparent(s) to Canada as permanent residents through the Parent and Grandparent Program (PGP). These 10,000 sponsors have just 90 days to submit a complete application, including all supporting documentation. Accordin…

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New Zealand restricts skilled-worker visas in Kiwis-first approach to immigration

Migrants to New Zealand could be in for challenging times if the Kiwi government decides to follow the lead that big brother Australia set last week with their ‘Australia First’ campaign. And what’s more, the indications are there that New Zealand could soon decide to further tighten controls on their immigration influx. Last week the New Zealand government announced pl…

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Complete list of Occupations Cut from Australia’s Strategic Skills List

Hundreds of would-be migrants have been given the cold shoulder when Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Control on Tuesday morning announced that a huge portion of the occupations on their Critical Skills List have been whittled down to only a few.

Complete List Of Occupations Cut From Australia’S Strategic Skills List

List of removed occupations

Occupations entirely removed from the list of eligible skilled occupation on 19 Ap…

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Australian Skilled Occupation List 2017-2018

Eligible Australian Skilled Occupation List 2017-2018 Prospective migrants earlier this week received the shock-news that Australia have slashed their Skilled Occupation List (SOL) by more than 200 qualify occupations.  This news came hot on the heels of yet another unexpected announcement that the country will also be dropping their 457 skilled migrant visa bringing with…

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Australian Skilled Occupation List Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List MLT 2017-2018

Occupations Occupations on the Australian Skilled Occupation (List Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List MLT 2017-2018) are listed in alphabetical order.   Occupation Authority 189/489 190/489 457/186DE 187 LISTS CAVEAT 111111 Chief Executive or Managing Director AIM     457/186DE 187 MLT…

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Australia Drops 457 Work Visa

Hot of the press is the shock news that Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) announced the abolishment of their Subclass 457 work visa. This news follows on the back of yet another shocker that the country’s Strategic Skills List has been slashed by hundreds of occupations. Leaving many visa applicants in a lurch. This morning the DIBP confi…

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Foreign engineers will have a future in Australia

Skilled, experienced and educated engineers will in the near future have a better chance than ever at landing great jobs in Australia. Fewer and fewer Australian children seem to be interested in taking maths and science as high school subject leaving fewer future candidates to study, amongst other careers, engineering. Australia faces the real possibility of being very sh…

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Foreign Students support thousands of jobs

New Zealand is discovering the value of foreign students. Not only has education become a booming business, 32 000 jobs were created as a snowball effect on the growing popularity of the education industry. A recent study into the effects of foreign students on the Kiwis’ economy shows that the international education sector has surpassed the NZ$ 4 billion-income mark. …

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Expats give Australian Education an A+

Australia rates amongst the best of the best every time a Business Insider survey is conducted! This year the country scored exceptionally well in the standard of living, work / home life balance and schooling categories. Being able to grant your child access to top notch schooling is often an important deciding factor for families when making their decision to immigrat…

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Kiwi government warns Immigration Officers to stick to the rules

With more and more cases of fraudulent and illegally acquired travel documentation and visas being brought to light Immigration New Zealand have now issued a strict warning to all immigration officers and travellers to adhere to the country’s immigration regulations. In a memo issued to immigration officials New Zealand Immigration stipulates what is expected and have n…

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Immigration Canada First Quarter

More ITA’s, quicker processing and more permanent residentsMore visa candidates are being invited to apply than ever before. This is one of the findings of the latest Express Entry Quarterly report. Another feather in the cap for Canada Immigration and Citizenship is that the report also found that visa processing times remain short and successful applicants continue to…

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New Zealand warns travellers to use only registered consultants

The importance of appointing an accredited and licenced New Zealand Immigration consultant came into the spot light again this week after New Zealand’s border authorities launched an information campaign about the consequences of giving incorrect visa advice to travellers. The New Zealand Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA) has launched a campaign to inform South Afric…

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Who is SA’s New Minister of Home Affairs

On Friday 31 March President Jacob Zuma announced that Prof. Hlengiwe Mkhize has taken over the reins from Malusi Gigaba as Minister of Home Affairs. Gigaba in turn will now head up the Finance Ministry. The appointment of new cabinet ministers in Tourism, Transport, Home Affairs and Finance, present mixed fortunes for the travel and tourism industry says the Tourism Bu…

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The New Zealand Job Market has Space for Migrants

For skilled, experienced and educated migrants it is a good time to be looking for jobs in New Zealand. The country’s employment rate is continues to rise by a healthy 3% annually while the unemployment rate remains at about 5% of the population. New Zealand was less affected by the global financial crisis than many other countries and employment has been gathering stea…

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Students are attracted to Aussie Universities and schools

With the effects of Globalization and the ease of movement between world countries it has become increasingly important for students to obtain a qualification that is internationally recognized. Australia is a firm favourite amongst students – citing reasons such international competitiveness and access to first world facilities. Australian educational institutions are …

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What the Kiwi’s say about moving to New Zealand from South Africa

The New Zealand government’s immigration website devoted a whole section of the website to South African’s considering making the move to their country. It is certainly not strange as Kiwi employers are notoriously fond of employing skilled and educated South Africans. Saffa’s (as South African’s are fondly referred to) are reputed to be hard workers with excellent experie…

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South Africa, Stricter immigration laws sees five immigration acts changed and more

Plans by the South African Department of Home Affairs will have far reaching implications on migrants entering the country and those applying for citizenship. Even stricter immigration rules could be on the cards if Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba proposed changes come in to play On Friday the minister, in a press interview, said that the country must begin to stra…

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Expanding your business?

Toronto, Canada, offers a free market economy and thrives on private enterprise and in New Zealand’s Wellington it takes less than a day to set up shop. Both cities have gain in popularity and it the researchers are confident that these are the best cities to expand your growing business to. Toronto, Canada The business and financial capital of Canada is cosmopolitan T…

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