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Canada will keep raised immigration targets into 2021

Canada is dead set on reaching or exceeding its target of welcoming 1, 3 million migrants and announced that the higher than normal immigration cap will continue into 2021 - a year beyond the original date of 2020. Late last year Canada announced that multi-year immigration level plans will be deployed from 2018 to 2020 in a bid to attract at least 1.3 million new perma…

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Tasmania needs teachers: Your Teaching Degree could be your way into Australia.

The Australian state of Tasmania will be considering all visa applications from foreign teachers.  The state has announced that it will be doing everything it can to recruit an additional 250 teachers within the next 5 years. The Tasmanian Education Minister Jeremy Rockliff said the largest ever recruitment drive for new teachers has already started. “We want the best …

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Minister Manuel says SA needs to re-design visas and work permits to attract investors

Former Finance Minister Trevor Manuel last week said that South Africa’s visa and work permit requirements need to be re-designed if the country is to attract more off-shore investors. Speaking at the investor conference in Sandton last week Manual warned that the country’s lacking, complicated visa-system and several news-making issues experienced by the Department of …

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Australia is desperately seeking Teachers

Australia is facing a massive shortage of teachers especially in the specialists’ fields like mathematics and science teachers, particularly in physics and chemistry. “With imminent retirements and poor retention rates, this problem will only get worse. It has already reached crisis point in some areas.”  The Australian Minister of Education announced that the Australian G…

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Canada has nearly 400,000 vacant jobs and not enough local talent to fill it

One of the outflows of a strong growing economy is job creation.  Canada is doing so well that 400,000 jobs have been created as a direct result of the country’s economic growth.  While more jobs than workers to fill them might sound like a nice problem to have – compared to South Africa’s reversed situation – it could result in the stagnation of the economy and do a lot o…

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Report: SA must do more to attract skills

South Africa’s job opportunities, established education system and modern technology infrastructure attract skilled immigrants to the country.  These are the findings of recent research conduct by the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC). The research aimed to establish the need for importing skills into South Africa and the effect there of on the local economy. South…

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South Africa to import talent while facing ICT skills gap

South Africa will soon have to fill a growing skills gap in the ICT sector with migrants as the countries education system is failing to produce enough qualified graduates to fill vacant key roles in the sector. According to a recently published article Information Security Specialists and those with good cyber security skills remain at the top of the priority list and in…

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South African Employers are turning to International Talent to fill jobs in 220 Occupations

Migrants with proven skills and experience in a number of occupations are desperately needed by South African employers to fill positions for which local talent cannot be found.  Of particular interest are Engineers, ICT specialists, architects and business managers. To encourage and attract international talent South Africa offers a Critical Skills visa which allows quali…

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Canada and Australia: Under Top Six Countries to Live, Work in and Earn More in

If you want a great life, an awesome job and get paid more for it you should consider immigrating to Australia or Canada!  Expats rated both countries within the top 6 best countries to live and work in and the expats who participated in the HSBC survey said they were richer too. The respected and trusted HSBC's annual Expat Explorer Survey Report showed that 45 per cen…

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Canadian firms investigating using virtual recruiting to find talent anywhere in the world

You might soon be able to attend Canadian job fairs, be interviewed for a job in Canada and even tour your new office through the use of virtual reality – making find a job in Canada so much easier! In what is said to be one of the most exciting new developments in recruiting human capital over 50 employers, including major banks, the Government of Canada, and internati…

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