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You could immigrate to one of the world's 6 Most Liveable Cities

Australia and Canada both have the honour of listing three of their cities on the Top Ten Most Liveable Cities in the World ranking and, with the right skillset, you too could soon be living in either of these six wonderful cities. Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide represented Australia while Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto took Canada’s three positions in the Top Ten.  No …

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Did you know you might be eligible for an Australian Work Visa?

The Australian Federal Government is looking for talented migrants with skills which are in short supply in Australia.  Three lists, the Medium and Long‑term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL), the Short‑term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) and the Regional Occupation List (ROL), list occupations which are in demand in certain areas or under certain conditions.  If your job is…

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Canada invests tens of millions to ensure migrants get work quickly

Canada is very committed to the success of its immigration program – migrants have kept Canada in a constant positive economic growth rate for many years.  The Canadian government realises that looking after newcomers means continued growth without strain on the country’s welfare coffers which is why Canada recently announced that it will be dedicating CAD $10 million to c…

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Did Your City Make The Most Respected Quality of Life Top 40 List?

Six of Australia’s 7 largest cities and 5 of Canada’s largest cities have made the most respected and trusted quality of life rankings list – the Mercer Quality of Life Survey.  These cities were all ranked in the Top 40 beating almost all other countries with the sheer number of cities from one country being listed – besting world dominators like the US and Britain.  The …

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Traveling to South Africa? Here’s your Border Entry Checklist

If you are visiting South Africa on a South African visitors’ visa you are in for a real treat! South Africa is one of the world’s most beautiful countries. In fact the online magazine CEO World rated South Africa as the fifth most beautiful country in the world behind countries like New Zealand and Canada, and The British Travel Company agreed!   To make your trip memor…

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Canada: The new home for tech savvy migrants

If you are a software specialist and considering making a move to Canada, you will be in good company. Right now, through special visa processing times, and a migrant-friendly approach with tons of jobs available, the country is attracting some of the world’s most talented techies and you could be joining them. Toronto’s population of software developers, engineers and …

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Visiting Sunny South Africa will soon be even easier!

Beautiful South Africa has more than the Big Five to offer visitors.  This, the most Southern tip of the continent and the doorway to the rest of Africa, is also home to unique national parks, 46 bright Blue Flag beaches, bustling cities bursting with culture and 10 UNESCO heritage sites – making it the perfect travel destination. But did you know that the South African…

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Teachers, Tradesmen, and more... Act Now! Your Occupation Is Needed In Australia

If your heart is set on a life in Australia and you are in education, construction, healthcare or project management you are one of the lucky ones who will be able to find work Down Under!  A new list of Australia’s most advertised jobs also include engineers, architects and many more.  The list showed that not only did the need for these occupations increase in recent …

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The Top Migration Destinations for South Africans

If you have started thinking about immigrating you may have also wondered where in the world other South Africans, who were once in your shoes, found happiness.  You probably wondered in which countries you and your family would fit in best and thought about how life in that country would be.  No doubt you considered which country held the best prospects for you and your c…

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Migrants say that they are very happy with their choice to move to Canada

Migrants in Canada gave feedback on their migration choice in a recent survey and indicated that that they are pleased as punch with their migration destination.  Canada ranked an impressive 2nd overall. Migrants rated 80 countries on a number of issues that would be of importance to immigrants.  They were, for instance, asked to rate countries on how welcome they felt …

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