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Why Life in Canada is so much sweeter

Everyone has their reasons for immigrating.  You might be after a better career which offers you more opportunities at gaining valuable experience and a better salary.  Perhaps you just need some peace and quiet in an environment where you feel safe with an effective and respected government.  You could be considering such a big move to give your children access to excelle…

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Here are some facts about Australian Schools

If you have made the decision to immigrate your family to Australia one of your motivations might be to give your children access to one of the best educational systems in the world, but what do you know about Australian schools?  For instance did you know that; 99% of all Australians are literate with around 20% of the Australian population enrolled in some form of ed…

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What to expect from the Australian English Language Competency Test

Did you know that if you are a South African planning on immigrating to Australia you may have to take a comprehensive English test before your Australian visa application will be approved? One of Australia’s visa requirements is that applicants must provide proof that they are competent users of Australia’s official language, English.  This means Australia will want to b…

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Ten things to do before you Immigrate to Australia

Australia has for many years remained one of the world’s most popular expat and migrant destinations and if you are heading Down Under yourself you certainly have already been convinced that it is one of the best decisions you might ever make.  Now the planning starts!  As with any life changing event the better you plan the more likely you are to be well prepared and mak…

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You might benefit from Canada’s changes to health requirements for visa holders

Canadian visa applicants welcomed the news that Canada has made a number of changes to their entry health requirements making the right moves to a more inclusive immigration policy.  The changes to the health requirements for visa applicants will mean that more people now have an equal opportunity to qualify for a Canadian visa. Most countries have at least some minimum h…

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Canada Immigration: Good News for electricians, builders, welders Ontario still favours Tradies

It seems the Canadian province of Ontario has as many immigration places available for tradesmen as there are tradesmen who will apply for Canadian work visas. For a record 7th time, in as many weeks, tradesmen (and tradeswomen of course) were favoured in the province’s Express Entry draw, and tradesmen who speak French certainly had an extra edge. The Skilled Trades Str…

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It’s your Job! Occupations that will get you a Job in Australia

Australia could be looking for you!  If your job is listed on the country’s Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) you have a great chance of finding a job there and a better chance of getting an Australian work visa. Australia relies on their MLTSSL to fill gaps in their labour force.  This list is updated regularly based on the country’s changing needs but …

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Australia: Economy Role Players Insists More Permanent Migrants are Essential for Growth

An Australian think tank, under the leadership of the Regional Australia Institute (RAI), re-iterated Australia’s dependency on migrants to grow regional Australia. Regional Australia is in such dire need of skilled migrant that last week a special committee from the institute demanded that the federal government expand Australia’s permanent migration program even further…

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Immigration identified by Bank of Canada as boon to growth prospects

A top Canadian bank said in a statement that three key areas, one of which is immigration, will boost the Canadian economy if it is well managed.  The Bank of Canada said that three areas of Canadian life have helped the country in the past and could do so again: education, immigration and trade liberalization. The bank’s official statement was that Canada could get a big…

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New Study Highlights Canada’s Need for Continued Migration

Without migrants entering the country in the numbers they currently do Canada would face economic downfall.  The country would face the effects of a weakening workforce on their economy along with the strain an aged population would place on the country’s social services. This is according to the results of a new study just released. The Conference Board of Canada (CBC) i…

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Australia warns foreigners to comply with visas

Australia does not tolerate visa breaches so it is best to not even consider overstaying your tourist visa in the hopes of entering the country easily and staying longer illegally. Travelers to Australia are encouraged to heed the conditions of their visa and, should they wish to immigrate to, or live and work in Australia, do so by following the correct procedure which…

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More than half a million International Students enrolled in Australian Uni’s

Australian universities are growing in popularity with international students flocking Down Under in record breaking numbers. A new report shows that Australia has never accepted more international students than in 2018.  At the moment more than half a million students from all over the world, but mainly Asia and Africa, are studying in Australia and working towards tha…

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Your Occupation might mean you Qualify to Immigrate to ACT

Based on your skills, education and occupation you might be eligible to immigrate to Australia’s Capital Territory (ACT).  All over Australia regions and territories are looking for migrants with specific skills sets to fill voids in their labour force that cannot be filled by locals.  ACT is one such territory and as such the ACT government has launched a program specific…

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German Speakers Needed Urgently!

Image result for amazon

Amazon, an International Online E-commerce and Cloud Computing Giant Company with offices based in Cape Town, South Africa, are in search of your German language ability.

Applications can be made by sending your cv to tina@nwisouthafrica.co.za or call 021 555 0951 and ask for Tina Stegmann, our NWI Recruitment Manager.

What is in it for you:-

Work Visa for successful a…

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The BBC says you can’t go wrong moving to Australia or Canada

f you are sick of violence, political instability and a weak currency you might want to consider packing your bags for Canada.  Based on the results of recent and very comprehensive research by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Canada faredexceptionally well in those categories – even better than the United States. The ever popular Australia, who always ‘makes…

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Nearly a quarter of all Canadian residents are migrants

New information released by Canada’s census takers revealed that almost a fourth of Canadian residents were born in other countries. The country’s current demographic trends suggest that immigration will account for an estimated one-third of Canada’s real GDPgrowth by 2030. According to StatsCan 21.9% of Canadians are immigrants, the highest share in 85 years.  The share …

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Grandparents need no longer miss out

Australia made many families’ dreams come true when they introduced their Parent Visa last year.  This visa has meant that families could be re-united and that grandparents are able to play an active and important role in the lives of their children and grandchildren living in Australia. The Australia Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa was announced by the Australian Departm…

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Australia: This is where migrants are choosing to settle

Ever wondered where migrants to Australia choose to live?  Well it seems that Melbourne is the fastest growing city, the east coast cities remain popular and Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth are also seeing more migrants. A new report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics found that the Australian east coast of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane have not lost on …

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Ontario becoming very popular with Migrants

Ontario is reporting an increase of 39 per cent of Canadian migrants choosing to settle in the province.  The government of Ontario is also doing everything it can to attract newcomers who are desperately needed to help stimulate growth in the province.  Today around 100 000 migrants settle in Ontario every year and this number is set to climb. According to an article in …

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Australian and Canada STILL Favourites with Expats

It seems that both Australia and Canada just can’t shake their popularity with expats and immigrants! Year on year both countries are listed amongst the Top Ten Best Countries to Work by the participants of the much respected HSBC’s “Expat Explorer” an international survey. The survey takes several factors into account that would affect the happiness and job satisfactio…

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