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NZ Urgent Skilled Shortage List 2016-2017

Immigrating to New Zealand on a work visa: NWI takes you through the process

Do You Qualify For Permanent Residency For New Zealand

New World Immigration and Skills in Demand recently formed a partnership, with the intention of sourcing and recruiting skilled labour from outside New Zealand, in order to bridge the serious skills shortage gap most organisations face.


New Zealand, like most other world countries require, would be migrants to either have an existing job offer from a New Zealand based company or to be employed in one of the occupations listed as being in demand in that country.

New World Immigration believes prospective immigrants pay for a service when employing an immigration agent and NWI ensures that all clients are privy to top notch service and nothing less.

Q: “Let’s say my family and I have decided to start the immigration process, what are the typical times frames we will be subjected to?

A: New World Immigration typically put candidates forward 3-4 months prior to their intended arrival into New Zealand.

Starting the process any longer would mean that the process would take too long resulting in certain documents forming part of the criteria being aged by the time the application is processed.

NWI is always happy to screen candidates and help them get “interview ready” before this time however. Often we work with candidates for as long as 6-18 months.

Q: “We have started planning our immigration what do we need to consider in terms of finances?”

A: It’s an important question and an aspect of your immigration process to take very seriously.

Finances are to be taken very seriously after all, clients must be able to pay their immigration consultant’s fee, pay and book for their flights and still have money available to settle in once they arrive in New Zealand.

Our advice is that single applicants to budget for about R 70,000 to pay for the process. A couple should ensure that they have in the area of R 110,000 available for the process, while a family of 4 can expect to spend around R 190,000 on the process.

Keep in mind that just the shipping a container filled with household items, in our experience, adds around R70,000 to your total immigration bill.

Q: “My finances are in order and we are ready to kick things into gear. What do I do first?”

A: Get your initial documentation sorted out.

NWI suggests that any applicant who plan on using this service to help them gain employment must ensure that two important documents are on file with us before they do anything else.

According to the experts applicants must:

1. Your CV

It’s very important that an applicant’s CV is up to date and in a NZ style format.
Our service includes updating, revamping and re-doing an applicant’s CV so that it does not get passed over by New Zealand employers.

The CV’s we see from SA are very different in their layout so it is important that employers know where to find your particulars without frustrating them from the get go.

2. Candidate Briefing form (CBD)

The CBD is an initial snapshot of the candidate’s situation and compliments the information we take from the CV.

The document would typically include information such as the companies that a client has already contacted to avoid pestering a potential employee with another CV from the same person.

In conclusion we offer a free service. We work for free until we, hopefully, get the candidate a job offer. We go over and above to make the move as smooth as possible.

Getting clients a job is about 30% of what we do, the other 70% is providing free information on the country, the way of life, schools, healthcare and transport etc… we think this is worth our while as there is a lot of information online, knowing what is legit and what is not is sometimes hard to figure out.

At NWI we believe that this approach also ensures there are less surprises for our candidates upon arrival in a foreign country – and specifically New Zealand in this case.

We make sure that they go into the move with their eyes open.

Q. What occupations are in demand in New Zealand?

1. Carpenters and Joiners

a. Need to be from a commercial and residential construction background.
b. Ideally experience with new builds
c. Experience with timber framed homes is ideal but not a deal breaker

2. HGV/Diesel mechanics

a. Looking for people who have worked on long haul trucks and also some heavy plant (360 excavators etc…)
b. Not looking for those who have worked on diesel machinery in factories/production/mines

3. Ceiling fixers/partitioners

a. Experience working on commercial construction sites such as office fit outs.

4. HGV drivers

a. Must have construction industry experience – such as driving construction machinery/equipment/supplies to site
b. No demand for long haul/freight/deliveries experience.
c. Scaffolders

5. Civils workers who have experience with roading, drainage etc..

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