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Immigration Practitioner in South Africa

South Africa is a popular immigration destination for people from all over the world interested in a growing economy and one of the most beautiful countries with a stable weather conditions.

The country is particularly popular with European citizens wanting to expand their business onto the African continent. The country is very receptive of international businesses investing in the country’s economy through job creation and contributing to the country’s infrastructure.

The Republic of South Africa is also a favourite destination for citizens from other countries on the continent. The country offers job opportunities, excellent educational institutions and some of the best health care services and infrastructure on the continent.

When considering the move to the country it is certainly in your best interest to appoint a South African Immigration Practitioner.

In 2014 the country’s immigration laws underwent a full revision and the laws have changed significantly. This leaves the possibility of getting caught in red tape and your visa application might even be rejected through not adhering to the new laws and application requirements.

Making use of an Immigration Practitioner in South Africa will give your application the edge. Immigration Practitioners, when professionally recognized, experienced and registered with the South African Department of Home Affairs, will ensure the best possible outcome of your application.

With access to the latest news and developments Immigration Practitioners stay on top of developments of the new visa system – which in some ways are still considered unstable and some laws being considered for review it could be a complicated process for the inexperienced.

What to consider when appointing an Immigration Practitioner:

• Your Immigration Practitioner should be registered with, and tested by the South African Department of Home Affairs

• You should be able to access previous clients or testimonials attesting to the quality of service you could expect from the company

• You should be invited to meet with the Immigration Practitioner – when possible, this help establish a good relationship and your agent will understand precisely what your visa needs are

The Pro’s of appointing a South African Immigration Practitioner

• Using an Immigration Practitioner will certainly save you a lot of time and frustration

• Immigration specialists have access to the correct forms, ample experience in the visa application process and access to the status of your visa application which is not available to applicants

• With easy and quick access to the country’s visa laws you will be sure that your application will meet all the application criteria

• Your South African Immigration Practitioner should also, after consultation with you, be able to advise you on the type of visa best suited to your set of circumstances and will most likely also be able to gauge the likelihood of your application being approved

• You can leave the paperwork up to the professionals! Applying for a life changing document, such as you visa, involves mounds of paperwork and it will be a complicated process but your agent’s experience will make light work of the process