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Government Documents

Administrative Fine Amounts Immigration Act 2002 3 June 2014

Amount Needed As Proof Of Financial Means Immigration Act 2002 3 June 2014

Business Visa Requirements - 2014

Critical Skills List 2014 06 03

Financial Assurance For Relatives Permit Immigration Act 2002 3 June 2014

Financial Guarantee Amount Of Corporate Applicant Immigration Act 2002 3 June 2014

Immigration Gazette 22 May 2014

Minimum Monthly Income For Retired Person Visa Immigration Act 2002 03 June 2014

Minimum Net Worth To Qualify For PR Under S27 F Immigration Act 2002 3 June 2014

New Directive for Intra-Company Visas issued prior to 26th May 2014

Additional documents submitted for Trades Occupations as there is no Registration body

Critical skills work visa application in the IT field – leveraging off Directive 22

Registration of students who have pending visa applications with the Department of Home Affairs

New application forms for the refund of repatriation deposit

IoDSA position of Critical Skills Visa Requirements

Imm Dir No 36 of 2014 (Critical Skills-Corporate visa)

Minors Travelling internationally

New requirements for children travelling through South African Ports of entry

Directive No 12 of 2015 - Application for blanket waiver (Universal Church of the Kingdom of GOD

Directive 20 of 2016 - Directive for SA Police Clearances – Implementation Date is 1st of October