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We have your trust to work on your visas. You can also trust us to organize your move. We have partnered with removal companies who deal with Australia, Canada, and other International locations on a regular basis. Our movers offer the full door to door service and can pack up a container for you. They know the shipping rules and regulations of your destination country. Their quote is going to cover the details of import documents, customs clearance and delivery for you. We can get quotes for moving all contents of your house, filling a shipping container, or sending your vehicle. Our moving companies understand that our clients are busy people who want their move to be streamlined and hassle free.

Tips for Moving

Choose the city and prepare ahead of time. Research the weather and understand what shops are nearby for you to buy things on that side. Plan this 12 months in advance as you need to budget for the cost. You may wish to sell items before you go and buy on that side. Decide what to keep and what to take with you. This is when you can get rid of clutter. Start with each room and pack up boxes per room and colour coordinate them. Gather your packing materials and keep aside the items you use every day until the time you move. It’s nice to have some familiar items in your new home. A 40 foot container will generally fit the contents of a three bedroom house along with a car. It helps to draw up a floor plan of the house you are packing up and check of each room as you pack. You can then draw up a floor plan for the new location so the movers know where to take each box and item. Regarding Electrical appliances, if moving to Australia, they use the same voltage as South Africa (240v), however Canada uses 110v.


The two factors that will determine your cost will be the distance to your new location and how much stuff you decide to take. More costs to consider are: Do you want door to door service including the removal of the packing supplies? Do you want insurance? Do you need storage on that side? Your possessions will travel by sea in containers measured by cubic feet. If you have only a few boxes to ship, consider air freight. Some companies will offer a fixed rate. If you add more or take away items, they will adjust the quote accordingly. Your typical container will be a 20 foot container or a 40 foot container. Removal companies will quote you for cargo inspection fees, local import duties and any other local tax based on the country.


Timing is everything. If you are moving for work, you need to get things done as quickly as possible. If you have kids, you must consider the school holidays and the upcoming school term. Pets must have all vet records completed per the regulations of the new country and this can take time. If you tend to worry, choose a shipping company with an online tracking service and you can watch the progress of your belongings. The company you choose will indicate the arrival dates of your belongings.