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Forex and Finance

The expat must ensure that his or her financial matters are in order before embarking on their flight to their adoptive country or they might find themselves stranded and penniless.

NWI Forex And Finance

Another thing to add to your ever growing “I-am-going-to-be-an-expat” To do List... Besides ensuring you have enough forex and in the correct currency you might also need a bank account which must be accessible upon, or shortly after, your arrival in your new country.

If this sounds bothersome, it’s because it is and realising our clients have business or new careers to focus on, New World Immigration offers clients assistance with all aspects of getting your finances in order saving our clients time, money and frustration.

In Australia the steady influx of new expatriates each year has led many Australia-based banking institutions to set up specialist teams to cater specifically to the expat’s needs.

Most banks accept applications from expatriates, particularly from those who intend to stay for at least twelve months. The application process demands identification documents of the foreign based applicant and proof of residence in Australia.

Every country has its own set of rules, in Canada bank accounts established before relocating to Canada must be activated after arrival, a process that will also require that you provide details of the address that you intend to stay at while in Canada, as well as immigration status documentation. If copies of identification were used in the process of establishing an account, originals will be required.

This is where NWI steps in; with enough experience and success in assisting other expats (all former and current clients) to open bank accounts, organizing forex and arranging clients’ financial matters, it should be a pain free process!

NWI’s team of professional migration agents value their client’s comfort and peace of mind and it is customary for the team to go the extra mile if this means their client will enjoy their immigration experience.

For this reason the team has unique service agreements with the financial industry’s top service providers, both on foreign and domestic soil, ensuring clients gain access to some of the most efficient and cost effective industry role players – having a directly positive effect on NWI’s client’s pocket and immigration experience.

Speak to any of New World Immigration’s team of experts to arrange a personal consultation and an assessment of your financial needs as soon as you have made the decision to start a new life abroad.