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Malta Residency Program

The Malta Global Residency program competes with Spain, Cyprus, and Portugal due to its geographical position, climate, low investment requirements, and strong economy. Malta offers a great jurisdiction for international business and more and more investors are considering property here. The calm Mediterranean lifestyle paired with a stable financial sector make Malta worth the visit.

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Malta is known to be business friendly, tourism friendly, and the property market is solid. To qualify for residency in Malta, investors from non EU countries can purchase an immovable property and stay indefinitely in Malta. The program grants applicants the chance to reside and settle in Malta, as well as travel within the Schengen areas freely.

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According to the latest Immigration Act of 2015, applicants must purchase an immovable property valued at €275,000 if in Malta or €220,000 if situated in Gozo or the south of Malta.
Other benefits to consider are:

• Medical services are first class and private medical care is available.
• There is a golf course with others being built in the near future.
• The Yachting facilities are modern with excellent marinas.
• The beaches are rated as some of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean
• There are a multitude of deserted coves and little beaches only accessible by sea.
• Cuisine is international. Pork and fish dishes are recommended.
• Maltese beer is excellent. There are a wide variety of wines.

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