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Cyprus attracts many tourists with their beautiful beaches and high spirited entertainment. This country has 300 days of sunshine per year and has great outdoor activities to experience the culture. Cyprus has a mild Mediterranean climate whilst offering unpredictable weather during March allowing you to experience nature at its best. Numerous investors look at Cyprus as a business hub which in turn offers many benefits to prospective investors;

• Direct Citizenship through certain investment programs
• Retain your current citizenship status
• Outstanding transport and communication systems
• Flattering Tax rates
• Superb education system and low crime rate

Qualifying Criteria

In order to qualify for investment option, applicants would need to meet the following requirements
• Authentic passport
• Confirmation of source and origin of funds for investment
• Clear criminal record

Investment Requirements

In order to qualify for citizenship, applicants would need to meet the following requirements;
• Must own permanent private residence in Cyprus, which minimum purchase price should be EUR 500,000 plus VAT
• Invest in the recommended investment options and sustain it for the required duration

Investment options

1. Mixed investment and a donation to a state fund

Applicants required making an investment of EUR 2 million in purchasing of shares or bonds in a state investment company and a donation of EUR 500, 000 to the Research and Technology Fund.

2. Direct Investment

By choosing this option, applicants would need to make a minimum investment of EUR 5 million in of the following options;

• Real Estate
• Business
• Financial Assets
Investors need to sustain investment for duration of 3 years.

3. Bank Deposit

A fixed term deposit of EUR 5 million for duration of 3 years in Cypriot bank.

Financed Investment
Applicants can control their capital by financing the required amount for investment.

4. Options 1, 2 and 3 may be combined but need to amount to EUR 5 million.

5. Business Activities

Applicant must be a shareholder or Beneficiary owner of a company, business must be operational in the Republic of Cyprus and have made a minimum contribution of EUR 500,000 per annum in past 3 years to state funds in the form of VAT and Corporate Tax.

6. Persons whose deposits with the Bank of Cyprus or Popular bank have been impaired

Applicants that experienced an impaired deposit on one or both banks mentioned above equating to EUR 3 million may apply for Cypriot citizenship. In the event that amount is less than EUR 3 million, the difference may be covered by making an additional investment in one of the above motioned investment options.

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