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Bulgarian Investment Program

A foreigner may acquire Bulgarian Citizenship and Passport through donation. This is attractive for investors who want a fast track citizenship program and who don’t wish to purchase a property.


Donation EUR 300K to the Governance Development Fund & Processing Fee EUR 30K to agency


For the entire procedure will be 8 to12 weeks.

How it works:

Legal Departments get in contact each other.
Contractor presents a LOI (regarding: application to become a German Citizen).
LOI includes the payment of the entire processing fee of € 30,000 - as retainer
Fees are paid
Coordination of contract and consultancy agreement
Agreement and pre-closing to the contract of consultancy agreement to the
Signing of the consultancy agreement of the escort and assistance along the
pathway to immigration.
Our legal department will send the prepared applicant documents to the
Bulgarian authorities will send an invitation to the applicant.
There are two statuary trips to Bulgaria for each applicant at different stages to
complete the process there:
First trip is for the interview and for giving electronic fingerprints. We will
escort the applicant to make the interview procedure successful.
Second trip is for the handing of certificate of citizenship and passport.

What is required?

• The applicant has to provide the following required documents concerning the
application for Bulgarian Citizenship. All documents executed in a foreign
language need to be translated into English and legalized with apostille.
• applicant’s birth certificate
certified copy of the applicant’s valid passport
• certificate of good conduct / police clearance certificate
• proof of nationality
• 12 biometric passport photos
• attest of the power of immigration attorney.

Benefits of the program:

• Applicant’s family is included
• Minor children (at request)
• Spouse has the right of residence
• No language requirements
• European Passport
• A European Passport provides access to 27 European Union Member States unconditionally! An EU Citizen has the right to take his residency and work or run a company in any European Union Member State, also in Germany.


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